Manisha-KoushikHoroscope and Astrology Daily Forecast for 25th April 2016
By: Manisha Koushik

Aries: In certain aspects the day will turn out to be a fine one. You succeed in making good progress in whatever you take up today. Problems at work will be easily solved, without wasting much time. An ugly situation between someone on the social front will be diplomatically tackled by you. It is best to conserve money, as of now.


Taurus: A good day faces you at work, as work progresses smoothly. The glow in your heart of doing a good deed for someone will remain for long. You can get serious about a proposal on the marital front. Those who have gone overboard in splurging will find this little indulgence worth it. An investment opportunity is best seized, as it appears to be good.




Gemini: Tackling a complex problem at work will be like cakewalk. Freelancers are likely to find a well paying assignment soon. A gift is likely to be received from a secret admirer. Family get-together will give you a chance to mingle with cousins and other relatives. An old ailment may cause problems, if you are not careful.




Cancer :Understand the monetary terms and conditions before signing an agreement. Paperwork can bog some down at work. A changed programme can prevent you from meeting lover. Domestic work is likely to be shared by the family members. You manage to remain in shape by eating wisely. Nostalgic memories of years gone by will keep some pleasantly engaged.




Leo: You can get hurt by someone not understanding your point of view. Poor performance in academics will compel some to tighten their belts. Unprofessional handling of an issue at work can get you in all sorts of trouble. Homemakers may find the daily grind boring and may long for change. Romance may not be on lover’s mind at this juncture. You gel well with a new acquaintance.





Virgo: A nice vacation can find you in a highly excited state. Your work profile is likely to get you bracketed amongst top achievers. Unconditional love can be showered upon you by family. Romance for some may just be a phone call away! Good monetary situation will help you buy what you had always desired. Your dynamism at work will be infectious.




Libra: Overstaying your welcome at someone’s place is best avoided. There is much happening on the professional front, but you are likely to miss out on them due to unconnected trivial pursuits. You can be hauled up for spending beyond your means. Those separated may yearn to join the family. Timely advice of an elder is likely to save your relationship.




Scorpio: Distractions can make you lose focus on the academic front. A workplace senior expects more from you, so deliver. There are chances of getting disheartened on the love front. Bad health is to be guarded against. Someone may seem rather too inquisitive in your personal affairs.




Sagittarius: This is the time to consolidate your position on the professional front. Your generosity towards someone will be fully reciprocated. An enjoyable time is foreseen in the company of your near and dear ones. Those wanting to see new places are likely to welcome a break. Bedroom eyes of partner will be cue enough to take your romance to the next level!




Capricorn: Colleagues at work may approach you to resolve their professional problems. Family is likely to go out of its way to ensure your comfort. Your independent ways can put a strain on romantic relationship. You are likely to share some extra burden in an outing with friends. Start saving for renovating an old house.




Aquarius: You are likely to get fed up of a current assignment and may even be tempted to leave it half-way. Saving money can be on the top of your list at present. Expected arrears are likely to take their own sweet time to materialise. Arranging the house for a party may keep some happily engaged. Some good news can be expected on the property front.





Pisces: Discuss matters, if you feel pressurised to do something that you think is not right. A function or a show can bring you into the limelight, only if you get rid of your shy nature and get into the groove of things. You manage to impress someone from the opposite camp to kick start a budding romance.

Horoscope and Astrology Daily Forecast for 25th April 2016
By: Manisha Koushik
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