Released from Jail
seven of the protestors were briefly taken into custody including a journalist of Zodiak Broadcasting Station, John Paul Kayuni.

By Falles Kamanga

On Wednesday night of 6th March 2019,  persons with albinism were dumped and abandoned by their demonstration leaders. Shivering in the endless rains, Government intervened and rescued the Rights and Welfare of Persons with Albinism (PWAs) from the heavy downpour in their failed attempt to march to State House.

Government immediately rescued and arranged buses that ferried the PWAs to Malawi Institute of Management  (MIM) where decent accommodation were booked for the 150 persons with albinism including their guardians.

Government has spent a total of MK22.9 million for accommodation, meals and transport and pocket money.

The PWAs were also provided with full board services that included full breakfast at MK5,500 per person, decent lunches at MK7,500 per person and sumptuous dinners also at MK7,500 both provided by Sunbird Hotels as 3 course meals.

Government provided all this welfare support for 4 nights from Wednesday 6th March to Sunday morning 10th March when they finally were repatriated to their respective homes in the South, central and Northern Region.

Government also provided transport and full police security escort during the repatriation as well as during the full duration of their stay at MIM.

Each of the persons were also given MK50,000 pocket money to carter  for incidentals on the way to their homes. Currently the Malawi Police is providing security at Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) offices 24 hours.

Despite the uncooperative behavior and certain unreasonable demands pressed by APAM, the Mutharika Administration has shown that it champions human rights for all despite their status or differences.

President Mutharika cares for persons with albinism. It remains to be seen whether the APAM will continue with their politicized advocacy and to be used by the so caller Human Rights Defenders.