By John Saukira


In 2013 unknown people shot half dead former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

The former budget Director Mphwiyo was shot as he was driving passing his gate.


Former president Joyce Banda released a statement expressing sadness on the whole incident.


Banda said while investigations were undergoing Malawians should keep calm.


Banda said her administration believes in the rule of law and that is why she directed  the Police and the Anti-Corruption Bureau to immediately institute thorough investigations in order to get the truth of the matter in time to enlighten the public as to what exactly happened.


Banda pledged to do whatever it takes to see to it that appropriate action be taken as soon as the investigations are thoroughly completed.


She warned anyone against interference with the ongoing investigations.


The shooting of Mphwiyo was the start or genesis of cashgate in Malawi.


In November the same year, Police arrested a suspect in the shooting of the country’s budget director.


and this one was  former justice minister Ralph Kasambara at his home in the nation’s capital, Lilongwe.


Kasambara was suspected of connection with the September 13 shooting of Paul Mphwiyo, who was reported to be about to reveal some damning evidence of government corruption at that time.


Mphwiyo survived but was seriously injured. He was taken to South Africa for treatment.


From there  Malawians woke up to information containing list of companies involved into shameless looting of public funds dubbed cashgate.


The list was followed by arrest of some individuals who were stashed with money fraudulently found at their boots , houses and bank accounts.




Instead of arresting public officers who were spinning the whole move , the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) became so busy arresting suppliers.


In our analysis some of these suppliers were not even aware that cash has been deposited into their accounts and in some instances some of these dishonest civil servants were conniving with the suppliers aimed at defrauding Government funds.


For example alot of money was defrauded at Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development during the time when Christopher Makileni was the Controlling officer.


The question has been , what was the role that Makileni played on the whole looting.




It is a known fact that suppliers do not raise cheques because there are laid down accounting procedures.


However , what surprises many is that why is Government through ACB leaving out these Government officials from prosecution.


That is why many people have questioned about the recent emerging information which indicate that the Government funded ACB in shielding the hit spinner of Cashgate at the Ministry of Tourism Oddoi Kamange Banda who at the helm of the gate was Procurement officer while his counterpart in the same office Leanard Kalonga was convicted and is serving a sentence.


Oddoi Kamange Banda was first named in the Magistrate court in 2013 by some suppliers that he was the one who was behind the whole scam of looting Government funds at the Ministry alongside Leonard Kalonga.


Former principal secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Tressa Senzani named Oddoi in which it was alleged that he was the one who dragged Senzani into the whole saga.


Late Senzani was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on October 21, 2013 for crimes on corruption after the bureau received a complaint alleging that government officers at Capital Hill were making entries in the Integrated Financi1al Management System (Ifmis).


August 16, 2013, Senzani through Oddoy received K21 897 562.30 (about $60 000) from government which was deposited into the company’s National Bank of Malawi account at Capital City Branch on August 21 then, on August 26, she received a further K41 644 521 (about $109 590) from government  the same Oddoy which her husband deposited into the company’s account on the same day.


But despite the development, the ACB developed a cold shoulder to arrest him.


fled the country in 2014 after being tipped by his friends whom allegations indicated that he was paying money at ACB that he was to be arreated.


Interview that we made with some suppliers indicate that they knew who were involved in cashgate but they were shielding each other.


For example at Ministry of Local Government we have information that only one person was arrested from accounts department name (withheld), leaving out tens of people who were preparing documents for payments.