HARARE-(MaraviPost)-Hundreds of Zimbabweans have been beaten, detained or killed in recent days as the Government cracks down on protesters speaking out against the regime.

Violence has erupted in the country after a huge fuel price hike which saw the cost increase by more than 200 per cent to $3.31 (£2.57) per litre.

According to Daily Mail-online, children as young as ten are reported to have been injured by police and soldiers after people took to the streets to vent their anger.

In a bid to hide the state sanctioned violence the internet is being shut down and foreign journalists are being forced out of the country, The Sunday Times reports.

Key highlights in Zimbabwe fuel price hike; 

  • The horrors Zimbabwe doesn’t want the world to see: Hundreds are beaten and killed in protest crackdown by Mugabe’s successors that has been hidden behind a news blackout
  • Estimates say at least 200 are dead while hospital staff said the morgue is ‘full’
  • Children as young as ten have been injured in the state backed violence
  • Protests began after a Government fuel price hike by more than 200 per cent
  • The new president, Robert Mugabe’s right hand man, Emmerson Mnangagwa has caused outrage after promising a new way for Zimbabwe and not delivering.