A forest ranger in India has narrowly escaped death after being strangled by a python as he posed for pictures with the giant snake

Sanjoy Dutta, a forest range officer of Baikunthapur Forest in Jalpaiguri, rescued the snake from a village in the Indian State of West Bengal.

According to UK Standard online, as he posed for a victory photo with the animal, the python began to wrap itself around his neck – almost strangling him.

The chilling footage showed Mr Dutta wrestle with the huge snake as it began to entwine itself around him.

At one point the snake managed to wrap itself around Mr Dutta’s entire torso.

The forest ranger was eventually rescued by local villagers.

It took several attempts before Mr Dutta appeared to be out of danger.

mr Dutta’s actions were deemed irresponsible by viewers who watched the shocking clip.

A woman called Trishna wrote: “30 seconds of fame nearly cost the ranger’s life. The animal was only reacting instinctively because it felt threatened. Would’ve been another ‘death by selfie.’”

Another person said: “Posing with selfies is not a part of any rescue operation.”