By Viciah Nasonh, Dedza Mec Stringer

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has expressed satisfaction on how the primary elections has been conducted in Dedza south constituency, the controversial area where the public expected John Tembo Junior to be declared a winner who unfortunately got his own vote.

There was a dramatic scenes  at Dedza golf club on Saturday afternoon, September 7,  where Ishmael Wonan 29 youthful candidate defeated the son of veteran politician, former  MCP president John Zenus Ungapake Tembo a development that has been described as a great change in the history of MCP.

Speaking to Malawi Electoral Commission in an interview, The director of Youth who happened to be the presiding officer Chimwendo Banda expressed satisfaction saying the election has impressed the party hence there was tension in the first place considering the fact that those who were contesting were of high profile in the history of the party.

Chimwendo said the elections were peaceful and fair hence people were mindful that only one person declared a winner in every competition.

” We are very delighted to see how these elections has been conducted here in Dedza south constituency regarding that this constituency is a very big and controversial ,many people had hope in John Tembo Junior hence his father saved the party for long time but what has happened here is opposite to that as people trusted the 29year old Wonan to go on MCP’s ticket come 2019,” Banda explained.

The candidates who contested were Ishmael Wonan who got 588 votes, Wilfred Tsangala got 190 votes, Hawad Mzambwe found 12 votes, George Kalanda 3 votes, Emanuel Chiwere 1 vote and the Son of MCP’s die harder John Tembo Junior got the vote of himself.

The incumbent Patrick Themu was not among the contesters as he excused himself last month not to take part due to personal reasons.

In his acceptance speech, youthful Wonan described the whole process as a miracle saying what God has done to him cannot expressed by words alone as he was shedding tears of joy all over.

“I thank God for giving me this chance, I have defeated John Tembo Junior a person who has a name in the history of the party, I have concurred him with a landslide victory. I promise to return this trust people has shown to me if voted into  power in next years elections, ” said Wonan.

Earlier in the day,  the party suspended primary elections  in Dedza central East following the violence that was about to happen following the reports that indicated that a certain senior member of the area was trying to impose the votes.

On a sad development no woman took part out of the seven contesters in Dedza south constituency despite the efforts of Non governmental organizations that are advocating for females in the District.