Jessie Kabwira
Jessie Kabwira-Snubs meeting

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)- The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)’s suspended spokesperson Jessie Kabwira has snubbed the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) disciplinary hearing which was slated for Saturday, October 8, to determine her fate.

Dr. Kabwira who is also a lawmaker for Salima North-West constituency told The Maravi Post on Saturday morning that she failed to honor the disciplinary call due to security reasons.

She hinted that there was no formal communication (in a written form) regarding the hearing which was scheduled at MCP’s headquarters.

“I just received a call from the party’s administrative secretary for the hearing today Saturday. But to my surprise, the call was simply verbal and not a formal communication (letter).

“In that call, there was no indication of my safety and particulars of the meeting. They just say, I should come at the party’s headquarters. This is what I am not comfortable with”, said Kabwira.

When asked about rumors of her joining the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Kabwira said MCP remains her ideal political path.

“Are these rumors really serious that I am joining DPP? Just look on how DPP has been treating me with this fake treason case which till now is failing to take us to court. I can’t sink that low and be naïve to join these people.

“I belong to MCP and will always be. This is the only party that has answers for Malawi’s social-economic challenges. It’s only that these minor internal matters doing us badly but shortly we will come together as one family”, assured Kabwira.

The Maravi Post understands that Kabwira’s counterpart Joseph Njobvuyalema honored the invitation to the hearing.

MCP Administrative Secretary Potiphar Chidaya however disputed Kabwira’s claims saying the party doesn’t have specific procedures of communicating to its members of pertinent issues.

Both Kabwira and Joseph Njobvuyalema were suspended in August for being accused of having a hand for the purportedly arson plot on the party’s headquarters structures.

MCP went further expelling Salima Central legislator Felix Jumbe long side some senior party officials including Denis Nathumba, Lyton Dzombe, Chatinkha and Azam Mwale from the party for being accused of sowing division in the party.

Meanwhile, treason and sedition charges leveled against Kabwira, Peter Chankhwatha and shadow MP Ulemu Msungama were on Monday this week, their bail extended to December 5, 2016 pending police’s thorough investigation on the matter.

This is the seventh time the Malawi police have extended the bail application which some quarters of the society has questioned the legality of the case whether the state has enough evidence to take the trio to court.

The development has angered the defense team which is planning to take legal action through the High Court in order to dispose the case.

Gustavo Kaliwo, the lawyer representing the accused disclosed that the police have failed to bring evidence against his clients hence seeking judicial review on the matter in the high court.