By Lusekero Mhango

Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga and Chitipa districts on Friday rebuked quotes attributed to him in the Daily Times of January 31 2018 to have allegedly referred to Government critics as fools.

The Paramount Chief allegedly uttered the remarks on Sunday during the official opening of the Karonga Stadium where Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Namkumwa officially opened the facility.

The alleged remarks have attracted condemnation from the public at large and activist and on Wednesday the local newspaper Daily Times carried a front page article and editorial criticizing the Chief on the alleged insulting words.

However speaking at a press briefing that the Paramount organized accompanied by traditional chiefs including TA Kilipola among others in Karonga, Kyungu refuted the words and then has challenged the media to produce the recording clip.

“The claim that I called government critics fools boarders on character assassination, creating hate, anger and even with the possibility of physical elimination of the source of the claim,” he lamented.

“I never said government critics are fools I never, I did not I could not and will never ever make such irresponsible statements because I was among many Malawians exiled for fighting for Multi-party democracy in this country,” he continued.

He said having been a government critic himself under the regime of Kamuzu Banda he cannot turn around now and start labeling government critics as fools therefore was shocked with the statement attributed to him.

“I expect the media to quote words that have been attributed by the person not to put words in the mouth unless the intention of the publication is solely to injure and damage the person,” he blasted.

However when this reporter seeked the views of Daily Times Managing Editor George Kasakula on the publication his mobile phone after several attempts couldn’t be reached upon the publication of the story.

Speaking to Tuntufye community radio reporter, Kasakula disclosed that his institution has the recorded clip and will not apologize.