Karonga’s Leonard Kiyombo cheers prisoners on Easter Sunday

A renowned Karonga business tycoon Leonard Kiyombo, on Easter Sunday visited and cheered prisoners by distributing an assortment of items worth K500,000.

Kiyombo, who is also the owner of a number of businesses in the district, said he did this because of being a Christian that follows the Bible teachings.

“The Bible encourage us to share to the needs (of other people) whatever we have as Christians. My coming here is to fulfill that,” Kiyombo said

Officer in Charge for Karonga Prison Prince Wasili, commended Kiyombo for the benevolent deed.

He said prisoners are lack this kind of love and care from the community as well as their relatives.

“On behalf of the prisoners and the entire staff, we are thank you for the items you have distributed here,” Wasili said.

Kiyombo, also donated K50,000 for the administration at the Prison and a live cow.

Other distributed items included 8 crates of soft drinks, 5 50kgs bags of maize, 7 cartons of tablets soap, 10 litres of cooking oil, and 2 bails of sugar, and salts.