By Alick Junior Sichali


Angry students at the University of Malawi’s Kamuzu College of Nursing {KCN} in Blantyre have today started holding vigils at their campus over school fees.

This follows reports that authorities have denied twenty students from writing examinations due to unfinished payment of schools fees.

Maravi Post understands that 20 students failed to write their exams on Monday because they did not finish paying their school fees.

In random interviews, the angry students said some of the students failed to write the exams because of having a balance of 2,000 Kwacha.

They claimed that the administrators at the school have given a blind eye to their concerns despite pledging to pay their balances in future after writing the exams.

The development angered the students who have since all agreed to boycott the examinations in a bid to force the management to allow their friends write the exams.

One of the students at the school said this is contrary to what has been happening in the past as students have been allowed to write their exams despite having fees balance.

He said students are forced to pay their fees balance when they want to see their examinations results.

“What the management is doing its different from what has been happening here (Kamuzu College Nursing), we always write exams even if we have school balance they only hold the results for the people who have not finished school fees not stopping them from writing exams,” Said one of the students.

Top officials at the College refused to comment on the matter when tried to get their reactions.

One of the administrators, Mrs Mbale even chased journalists from the campus saying they did not have the authority to ask her.

Meanwhile, the students have vowed not to support doctors in public hospitals until the management addresses their concerns.