Bon Kalindo
Bon Kalindo arrested for insulting Mutharika

Malawi Congress Party torch bearer, Lazarus Chakwera who barely opposed the policies of the DPP the last five years has strongly condemned the arrest of Bon Kalindo. Below is the letter he wrote:

Fellow Malawians,


The arrest of Honorable Bon Kalindo, who is Member of Parliament for Mulanje South, is a new low for the outgoing Mutharika Administration.


Lazarus Chakwera
Dr Lazarus Chakwera President of Malawi Congress Party

Whether or not what the legislator said about Mutharika was an insult is not the issue. The issue is that this idea of arresting any Malawian, not to say anything of one who is a parliamentarian, for merely expressing how they feel about the illogical conduct of Mutharika’s failed government, is primitive, unacceptable, and stupid. In fact, whatever unjust law is cited to empower such a ludicrous idea is equally primitive, unacceptable, and stupid, and will thus be repealed by my government.


In the meantime, the sad reality is that the Mutharika government has no respect for Malawians, or their lawmakers, or police officers. You may recall that it was only 23 months ago that an MCP member of parliament was arrested over trumped up sedition charges related to something allegedly said on social media. So given how long the Mutharika government has been using these arbitrary arrests to silence and intimidate political opponents, it is clear that the powers of the President continue to be abused and our democratic rights as citizens are still under assault. And now having turned Malawi into a lawless state in which those who speak their minds are arrested while those who steal our taxes walk free, every Malawian can see with their own eyes that Mutharika has never been fit to govern.


I therefore condemn these arrests in the strongest possible terms, and I call for the immediate release of Honorable Bon Kalindo. Furthermore, I call for an immediate stop to all forms of intimidation which this government has been using against its political opponents, including tampering with the security detail of the Vice President, in contempt of court orders. Whether Mutharika likes it or not, no amount of intimidation or arrest will change the fact that Malawians everywhere are readying themselves to fire him and his entire cabinet in 130 days.


Lazarus Chakwera.