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Malawi Health Ministry ready for rain season and any disease outbreaks

Malawi Health MinistryLilongwe, January 6: Ministry of Health spokesperson Henry Chimbali has said that the ministry has stepped up its efforts to fight disease outbreaks that are associated with the rainy season.

Chimbali told Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Monday that they have not received any cases of waterborne disease outbreaks.

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How the Church has helped fight AIDS in Uganda, Malawi

.- Catholic leaders in Uganda and Malawi have issued largely positive informal progress reports on local Church efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in the African nations.

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Unclean Water Causes More Problems In Malawi

Despite the landscape of Malawi regularly featuring expansive lakes, the country is still facing severe water shortages with taps regularly running dry. Currently, experts are blaming this imbalance - between water reserves and availability - on a governmental failure to either effectively manage the supply or to put sufficient time and energy into the enterprise.


Unrest Across Africa


Malawi is not the only African country presently being criticised for lethargic or counterproductive governmental decisions. South Africa's government has been under fire in recent months due to its hypocritical, conservative and detrimental handling of the legalisation of online gambling. South Africa has become a leader within the production of online casinos and mobile casinos in the 21st Century. These websites, with being a prime example, bring in huge revenues each year into the country's economy. A revenue, and ecomonic contribution, that could be further increased by allowing these websites access to the domestic market. This access could potentially lead to more jobs within the sector and for South African workers. Yet the South African government has been reluctant to legalise the use of online casinos, whilst being at the centre of controversies involving its own minsters wasting tax-payers’ money on extravagant trips abroad. Therefore, Malawi is not alone in feeling ill-served by its government

Risk of Diseases


The main issue of Malawi being unable to provide its citizens with tap water is that this shortage forces people to obtain water from unfiltered and questionable sources. The water from these untested wells and rivers often carry diseases and, due to the cramped living conditions within Malawi, could lead to outbreaks of infectious diseases. Furthermore, the lack of water has meant that several hospitals, including Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyrehave had to suspend surgical operations due to an inability to sufficiently maintain hygiene standards. Considering the water shortage's constriction of the health service in Blantyre, it is unsurprising that consumer association CAMA has staged several protests against the Blantyre Water Boardover the past few weeks.


A Multitude of Issues


The risk to Malawians from the water shortage is not just limited to the risks of drinking unclean water. George Chaima, an expert on water sanitation, has voiced concerns that, apart from the obvious health risks, a lack of tap water facilitates other threats. One of these risks is the threat of women being raped when they opt to bathe within a river due to it being too tiring to transport the water back home. Chaima warns that youths have been witnessed hiding within the vicinity of bathing areas, waiting to ambush vulnerable woman. This is yet another disturbing dimension to an already horrible situation caused by a lack of clean water in Malawi. 

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PSI Malawi ventures into 321 service

Psi campaign in Lilongwe Population service International (PSI) has started extending the range of service from just traditional ways of communication to modern roots especially in rural areas, through the Airtel program called “321” as part of its effort of making its intended goal of a health Malawi and providing service relevant to modern people’s needs.

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Step up fight against non-communicable diseases, GSK tells Malawian doctors

Malawi HealthcareGlobal healthcare company Glaxosmithkline (GSK) has urged Malawian doctors and healthcare professionals to re-double efforts in the fight Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Vice President for East African Cluster and African Government Affairs Dr Allan Pamba made the call from London during a press conference discussing GSK’s first call for research proposals into NCDs with Malawi journalists.

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