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Malawi Government installs CCTV cameras in public health facilities and drug stores to curb theft

CCTV CamerasBy: Lloyd M’bwana

In a bid to combat rampant drug theft in public health facilities stores, the Ministry of Health is embarking the project in installing CCTV cameras which will enable authorities tracking down those in involved in the malpractice.

The development comes barely few days after the United States government’s office in Malawi through its Ambassador Virginia Palmer expressed sadness over continue stealing of medical drugs in the country’s public hospitals threatening to stop supplying them in next month if the condition was not to improve.

25 Years Lost to Religion: Lamentation of a Zambian Atheist

Atheist Bill MaherBy Leo Igwe

Doubting is a virtue which can liberate those who exercise it from the slavery and tyranny of religion and dogma. Many Africans are going through a process of awakening at this moment in history. They are experiencing the liberating possibilities and promises of expressing their doubts and disbelief.

Doubting frees the mind from the shackling and suffocating effects of comforting superstition and orthodoxy. It expels the dogma of blind faith and exorcizes the demon of thoughtlessness which prevents the mind from engaging in unhindered exploration of life’s horizons. The empowering possibilities of doubt are captured in the story of Sara. Sara comes from Zambia in Southern Africa. She declares that doubting religion has led her to “the right side of history” and recounts her undulating path to this bright and happy side of life.

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Catholic Church appoints Father George Desmund Bishop for Zomba Diocese

Bishop desmundPope Francis, has approved the appointment of Father George Desmund Tambala as new bishop of the Zomba Diocese. The newly appointed Tambala belongs to the Order of the Carmelite Discalced (OCD) and becomes the first priest from that Order in the country to be promoted to the high office of a bishop.


However, a press statement from the Apostolic Nunciature in Malawi states that Archbishop Thomas Msusa remains in-charge of the diocese until the bishop-elect ‘takes possession of the Episcopal See of Zomba’.

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Kenyatta on CNN, You are not going to create the United States or Great Britain or the Netherlands in Kenya

File: Obama and KenyattaFAREED ZAKARIA, HOST:  The East African nation of Kenya has seen great highs and great lows of late. In April, Al Shabaab militants stormed across the porous border from Somalia and killed almost 150 people at a Kenyan university. That followed the infamous Westgate Mall siege – also by Al Shabaab – that killed 67 people and lasted 4 days. In July, President Obama made his first trip as President to his father's native land. In the weeks leading up the President's arrival, the U.S. conducted drone strikes against Al Shabaab in their sanctuary of Somalia. I recently had the chance to sit down with Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss terror, economics, and playing host to President Obama.

South Africa women dissapointed with the early release of Oscar Pistorius from Jail

Oscar PistoriusBy: Ulemu Teputepu

MaraviPost iReport: Women in South Africa have voiced their anger over the decision made by the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board to release Oscar Pistorius of jail and place him under house arrest.

The ruling ANC. Women League said in a statement on Friday that it was voicing “its disappointment on the outcome of the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board of approving the placement of offender Oscar Pistorius under correctional supervision as from Tuesday”. @2009 - 2014 The Maravi Post an Eltas EnterPrises INC Publishing Company
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