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Nigeria: Reinstatement of army general implicated in mass murder makes mockery of commitments to end war crimes

Nigeria President and Secretary John Kerry of the USAThe reinstatement of a senior Nigerian military general implicated in the mass murder of hundreds of detainees underlines the monumental failure of the government to stamp out impunity for war crimes at the highest level, said Amnesty International. 

Last June, Amnesty International named Major General Ahmadu Mohammed, along with eight other senior commanders, calling for an investigation into their possible criminal responsibility for war crimes including the deaths of more than 8,000 of detainees. 

Major General Ahmadu, was in charge of 7 Division and was in command of operations when the military executed more than 640 detainees following a Boko Haram attack on the detention centre in Giwa barracks on 14 March 2014. He was retired in 2014 for unrelated reasons, but reinstated this month. 

Karonga Men Trained to Fight down Maternal and Neonatal Death as 7 Women Died within 6 Months

karonga male trainees By Our Reporter

In strive to eradicate Maternal and neonatal death in Karonga the northern part of Malawi; local organizations in the district known as Foundation for Community Support Services (FOCUS) in partnership with the Adventist Health Services (AHS) have conducted a four days men capacity building workshop that will help to improve the health of pregnant mothers as well as newly born child.

The training is carried under the three year project which is known as Reaching to Mother and Child Health that the two organizations are implementing in the district with a 1.2 billion Malawi Kwacha financial support from the Christian Aid and UKAID Match.

Beyond the dream: Martin Luther King Jr. and Africa

Martin Luther Kingby Harold Green

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“In this period when the American Negro is giving moral leadership and inspiration to his own nation, he must find the resources to aid his suffering brothers in his ancestral homeland.” – Martin Luther King Jr., Hunter College, New York City, Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, 1965

When discussing the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., especially his “I Have a Dream Speech,” what is often missed is his concern for global justice, particularly in Africa. While Dr. King’s outspokenness about the Vietnam War toward the end of his life has been well documented and discussed, his views about the need to support anti-colonialism and anti-Apartheid in Africa is less so.

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5 Young Students in United Kingdom raise Money to support Malawi Schools

Team Rise CharityYoung Students in the United Kingdom all under the age of sixteen are raising money to assist Malawi a country very far away from the shores of the their country. The five students are Saumiyaah Nimalakumaran, Shivvanthi Sugumar, Subikka Kumanan, Yesica Nithiyanantha and Bavankanth Chandrasekaren.

The Students told the Maravi Post, We are group of students (under 16), in the UK, named Team Rise. We are participating in a nationally recognized social enterprise charity programme designed for students endeavoring to improve the lives of children in Malawi and India, by fundraising to provide them with the free education they rightly deserve. The charity for which we are fundraising is called 'Wings of Hope' and is registered in the UK. All of the money we are raising will go directly to schools in the targeted countries. 

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Diaspora Corner: I hate it when people write, "Malawi, Africa" as If we are not a country

Sitinga KachipandeSitinga Kachipande is a Malawian, blogger and PhD student in Sociology at Virginia Tech with a concentration in African Studies and Global Political Economy. On her Facebook page we found her status so much to the point we decided to share it on her behalf


She wrote the following: @2009 - 2014 The Maravi Post an Eltas EnterPrises INC Publishing Company
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