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South South Learning: Prof. Makumbe, while alive, refused to fight Mugabe outside Zimbabwe

John-MakumbeOnce, briefing a group of peers during a visit to London, he invited them to visit Zimbabwe to see the situation for themselves.

“Won’t we be arrested or deported?” asked one of them. That was the point, Makumbe responded. Despite the risk to his own safety, he never sought sanctuary abroad. “I am a Zimbabwean,” he said. “This is my home. This is where my family is. If I leave, there are still 12 million people here. What about them?”

“There are various ways of emancipating Zimbabwe from the tyrannical system of government we have endured under Zanu-PF,” he told an interviewer. “You can either make noise from your white castle or you can put on your boots and overalls and fight for the emancipation of the country.” 

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