Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) has started rationing distribution of waters to its customers following current water problems affecting several parts of Lilongwe as a goal to ensure that they save lives of people through provision of potable water all the time for all people said on Monday 2016 at Madzi House in Lilongwe.

CEO for LWB Afoso Chikuni, speaking during press briefing attributed the less or zero supply of water in most parts of Lilongwe area as a result of the continuous environmental degradation of the Lilongwe River, the storage capacity of the reservoirs to have been decreased by 35%.

He Said: “For instance, by silting deposits the storage capacity have decreased from the expected 25 cubic meters by February to only 14 cubic meters. Overall, LWB is making stride to address the problem like the household survey which is underway to establish other roots of the problem”.

Further Chikuni also attributed the problem as less of rainfall in the last three years, which forces them to start using the reservoirs earlier. Thus, instead of opening reservoirs in October as has been the case in the previous years in the 2015-2016 seasons they opened in June while 2016-2017 the dams were in use end of April.

However, among solutions of rationing in three supply zones also LWB has embarked on construction of boreholes in peripheral areas such as Lumbadzi using extra ground water. The project will help to ease pressure on the main supply system and enables the board to continuously supply water to such peripheral areas which are often most affected during water outages.

He therefore, appeals to general public to exercise good water use practices to minimize waste and conserve water by sustainably using the commodity. For example, he suggested that, customers should avoid using a bath tub instead use a shower, thus among many tips.

Meanwhile, the water conservation problem requires consented efforts from the board, the consumers and various stakeholders.