MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-Following the call by Civil Society Organization to hold national demonstration on Thursday, June 20 ,demanding Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah to resign for mismanagement of 2019 elections, Livingstonia Synod Church has has shown interest to be part and parcel of event.

Speaking on Times Radio,Moses Mkandawire who works in the Human Rights department for the church has said that it is not wrong for the members of the church to go for demonstration as long as they know that they will preserve peace and order.

“It’s a constitutional right to demonstrate as this enshrined within the constitution of Malawi” said Mkandawire.

Malawians will show their anger by giving their petitions to District Commissioners across the country forcing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah who is also a senior counsel to step down for allegedly compromising the presidential results.

The matter is in the court now as MCP and UTM are jointly challenging the results while the ruling party(DPP)wants the case to be dismissed.The verdict is due to be made on Wednesday by the Constitutional Court in Lilongwe presided over by five Judges.

Other organisations that have liberated their followers to join the peaceful demonstrations include UTM and MCP.

Speaking on Sunday during “Thank You” Rally at Masintha ground,UTM leader,Saulos Chilima vehemently urged his supporters to go to streets come Thursday.

While MCP through its spokesperson, Maurice Munthali did not mince words by telling MCP supporters to exercise their constitutional rights by joining hands to demonstrate peacefully,he said on Times Radio.

High Court on Monday  ordered MEC to present all presidential results,not to remove any information pertaining to elections on MEC website,have all MEC data entry clerks bank statement brought to court just to mention but a few.If Malawi Electoral fails to abide by the law,the court will definitely open a case against them for contempt of court.