Man killed in Malawi over a woman

Flyson Simengwa, 40, killed Teckson Sikwese, also 40, when the two collided at Flora Ulambo’s house near Rufita Trading Centre, in the area of Chief Mwaulambia in Chitipa.


Confirming the incident, Chitipa Police Detective Sub Inspector Abel Mkandawire said Ulambo, 32, a divorced woman, was engaged in affairs with both Sikwese and Simengwa, without the two gentlemen knowing they were being double-crossed.


Mkandawire said the woman’s double-dealing ended ‪Thursday night, when the two men collided in her house.


“The two men exchanged tough words before a fight broke out, with the woman siding with Sikwese, in sorting out Simengwa, who eventually ran away.


“Simengwa then waylaid Sikwese at the bush and attacked him on his way from the woman’s house.


“Sikwese, who died at the spot (of the ambush), sustained very deep cuts in the head, which showed the suspect used sharp objects to assault the deceased,” Mkandawire said.


An eyewitness, who refused to be named, said a big crowd, which rushed to the scene descended on Simengwa and severely beat him up. He was rescued by alert members of community policing forum.


“Another group of people severely beat the woman, who, together with the suspect, was rushed to Chitipa District Hospital where they were admitted,” he said.


Another eye witness said an angry mob went on a rampage, Friday, to the extent of pulling down the houses of the woman and the murder suspect.


“They used poles and metal bars to bring down the houses, before cutting all the iron sheets with axes and machetes,” the eye witness said.


She added that the crowd also looted all the food items, such as maize and beans, which were later served as meals during the burial ceremony of the deceased.


Meanwhile, detective Mkandawire said the suspect was arrested soon after he was discharged from the hospital and charged with murder.


“We have also advised the woman to stay with her relatives at Chitipa Boma, for her safety, since people want her dead too,” Mkandawire said.


The woman has been rendered destitute as she has nothing such as property, except for the only clothes she is putting on following the looting of her house and belongings.


Simemgwa and Ulambo come from Yamba Village, while Sikwese hails from Chimeto Village in Chief Mwaulambia’s area.


The Silver Jubilee celebration was attended by traditional, religious and political leaders and also the alumni of Ludzi Catholic schools.