Magic Promotions is set to hold a show at Zambezi Theater in Kawale- Lilongwe on July 6, 2018 where gospel artist Farai Chazima Soko will release his second double 10 truck album titled Fulumirani.

Speaking in an interview with on Monday, Chazima said she was geared to dish out the best performance during the launch and that her fans should expect all good things.

She touted the show to be one of the best to the extent that she cannot afford to disappoint her fans but put up the best music.

“I am more than prepared for the show, all the necessary things are in place. My fans should come in large numbers to support my ministry and I promise them that they will not regret in any way,” said Soko.

Magic Promotions Communication Officer, Chris Loka, also said they were prepared for the show.

“As we believe in greatness and excellence, we hope for better performance from our artists we have invited and people will also be given a chance to win different prizes like home theatre, Iron and electric kettle,” said Loka.

The launch will also be spiced up with performances by Andy Seko, Evance Meleka, Walusungu Kishombe, Kamuzu Barracks Gospel Singers, Norman Phiri, Maggie Magani, Bon Kavala, Lyton Nandolo, Martha Mituka and Levison Masamba among the many artists.

The 10 track album was recorded by Joseph Tembo at Groove Magic Studios.

The songs include Masalimo, Tigawane, Zikomo, Praise the Lord, Mama and Akatidalitsa among others. The DVD was shot by Phillos Muleya and Austin.