Pastor Vincent Chirwa of Blantyre Baptist Church said the introduction of Tumbuka service in churches in the south and central does not influence tribalism in the country.

Some Malawians including religious leaders believe that such services divide church members.

Pastor Sekani Sayi of the Christian Resource Church in Karonga, said it not good for the pastors to feed their sheep with different food or plates in a house.

“It is just the same as your children at home, if you give them biscuits of the same type but different colours, you automatically disunite them,” said Sayi.

“What I am saying is that those that attend the Tumbuka service separate themselves from their fellow congregants, thereby influencing tribalism,” he said.

However, Pastor Chirwa argues that such services help people to understand the word of God accordingly and clearly. He says according to his experience, some people fail to be active in church because of the language used during church services.

“I was the first to start Tumbuka service in our church, (and) what I observed was that most of the northerners were not active because of the language,” said Chirwa.

According to him, there are other church activities that bring,the members together. A renowned preacher, Collings Mazinyane said as long as a Chewa pastor allows to introduce Chichewa service in the north for the sake of some people from the south or central regions living there, then there will be on problem.

“I have been in the north, but I was forced to speak Tumbuka because everything was in that language and I did feel offended,” said Mazinyane.