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2014 and thinking outside the box, why the Youth are the biggest losers despite technological advances

Atupele MuluziThis week I promised a closer scrutiny of the three youthful Presidential ticket candidates and how they meet or fail to meet the aspirations of this generation. What I will never say is if at all they fit the cap. But in the many discourses that I participate within seven days preceding this write up, something interesting happened. WhatsApp, a sms free application was being bought off for USD16 billion by Facebook. These two initiatives represent young people thinking outside the box.


It is the story of WhatsApp Co-Founders, both rejected by Facebook years ago that I found stimulating enough as a challenge to our young generation. Sometime back I wrote how the Youth were the biggest losers despite engineering most of the Arab spring revolutions. After each revolution, the old guard were quickly recognized as representatives of the people and not the youth who fought the cause. That is the same reason why the Youth today are demanding the resignation of Libyan Parliament, brought down the new Tunisian Government and in Egypt the turmoil still goes on.

In defense of Malawian languages: The case for multilingualism in our schools

Dr Steve SharraThanks to students majoring in Education at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, the Ministry of Education’s decision for English to be the language of instruction starting from Standard One has become a national debate. I would like to congratulate the students for their active participation in a matter of national significance.

Our leaders, not donors took an oath to serve Malawians

Jimmy KainjaAid withdrawal and economic sanctions only strengthens the resolve of the oppressor against the oppressed, the very people in whose name aid money is given. Aid withdrawal and economic sanctions make bad leaders worse and struggling economies have crumbled. There are various examples around the world but for Malawi the last two years of Bingu wa Mutharika administration is the closest example.

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Malawi 2014 elections: A choice between lesser evils

Jimmy Kainja“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent them.”

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In whose interest is JB’s hiring of a London PR firm? Malawi ‘cash-gate’

Jimmy KainjaIf you have been paying attention you will have noticed that President Joyce Banda (JB) saves two, somewhat distinct constituencies – the international community and Malawians.


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