MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Roman Cathoric Church in the Karonga diocese has warned Malawians not vote for crook politicians in order to develop the country.

Mtumbuka made the remarks on Thursday in Karonga during a meeting with Church members.

Below was his speech:

Final topic, elections. This is the year of elections. Elections are now just around the corner here in Malawi. And I believe all those who want you to elect them have come around to see you.


But these elections, ladies and gentlemen, are very important. Nobody should deceive you, ladies and gentlemen: Malawi is the poorest country on earth, perhaps with the exception of Sudan, South Sudan and Burundi only. It’s a very poor country, this. Signs of abject poverty are everywhere.


When going about in the markets, sometimes I become very sad… You find it’s raining, a mother is holding an umbrella in the rain, she’s roasting maize, waiting to sell. It’s raining, a mother has a pile of tomatoes, waiting for customers to come and buy. The rain has soaked her all over her body, except that small area shielded by an umbrella.

This country is poor. We should not deceive one another.

Elect someone who should rescue you from poverty, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t elect someone because you like the way his party’s uniform was designed.

Don’t elect someone because he gave you a bicycle. Elect someone who should end poverty, especially among women…Since you women are the majority of voters, choose someone who will help you to get out of the poverty trap, ladies… Save yourselves from the jaws of poverty by voting wisely… Don’t vote for thieves or those who shield them or their cronies.

Don’t vote for someone just because his name sounds similar to your grandpa’s. No, ladies and gentlemen, free yourselves from this slavery and dehumanizing poverty. Vote for someone who can change the direction of this country. People have suffered enough. Enough is enough!

Deceiving you that Malawi has transformed to the level of Germany, ask those two Germans over there whether this country looks like theirs. They will be shocked to hear you’re claiming such things.

Politicians take advantage of the fact that you have never been to Germany, so you’re walking in the simple footpaths and they convince you that Germany looks like that. Rubbish! Rubbish! Rubbish, all this! So rubbish.

Choose someone who can turn things around. Do you hear me, ladies? You’re in abject poverty. You’re very poor.

End this poverty by electing someone who can truly end this. Not those who develop this country by word of mouth, no, no, no, no. Someone coming here to talk about mandasi  today, these are the very same things you’ve been selling for fifty years without being able to afford even a pair of shoes.

Stop this mandasi business. If you want, go and fry them for your grandparents!…