Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese in the Catholic Church said the increase of satanic attack especially in girls boarding schools is due to poverty and illiterate.

The outspoken Bishop said this on Saturday in Karonga when he was addressing some secondary school learners and teachers under Karonga Diocese.

Mtumbuka asked teachers to stop closing schools due to the development.

According to him, girls claims to be attacked by satanic power because  of lack of basic needs.

“First, you should ask yourself why these things usually happens in girls boarding schools. This is because they lack basic needs than their friends. So what they do is to act as if they have been attacked by satanic power in order to force teachers to send them back to their home. That’s why these things only happens in African countries especially of Sub-Sahara” said Mtumbuka.

He said after the risen of Jesus Christ from death, Satan has no such power toward people.

The Karonga Diocese Bishop then blamed teachers for failing to equip learners on how to deal with such kind of problems.

“Instead of teaching such learners on how to deal with problems affecting their daily lives you are only busy with mathematics, Biology, English and other subjects. I will not allow you teachers to close the school due to the development. If a leaner claimed to have been attacked by Satan power send her/him home than closing the whole school this is rubbish,” he added.

Last month, Karonga girls boarding secondary school which is under the Livingstonia Synod was closed due to the development.