Government has noted with great concern the continued use of petrol bombs to attack some individuals in the country.

The country has witnessed cases where petrol bombs have been used to attack several offices and houses. These include government offices including Treasury office in Mzuzu; Karonga District Council; Ministry of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology headquarters; some police staff houses in Lilongwe; former cabinet minister Honourable Grace Chiumia’s house in Mzuzu and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) office in Blantyre among others.

The latest attack is on the leader of Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Mr. Timothy Mtambo whose house was bombed during the night of Wednesday this week. Malawi Electoral Commissioner the Reverend Killion Mgawi is also one of the victims whose house was broken into and property stolen. He is among the many Malawians whose property has been destroyed, looted and vandalized.

Malawians know very well that the root cause of all this destruction is the violent demonstrations which have been happening in the country, contrary to Chapter 1V Section 38 of the country’s Constitution which states:

“Every Person shall have the right to assemble and demonstrate with others peacefully and unarmed.”

Use of petrol bombs in this country and elsewhere is counterproductive and primitive. Malawi fought for democracy 25 years ago allowing divergent views. Democracy comes with tolerance and responsibility. As a nation, we must learn to live in harmony despite our differences.

Government condemns these violent demonstrations and urges the organizers to immediately stop them because they are destroying the country. People’s businesses have been adversely affected among others.

Government assures the public that investigations are under way into these barbaric acts and that all culprits will be brought to book.