Malawi Government through the State House Press Officer Mgeme Kalilani this week refuted media reports that disclosed President Peter Mutharika’s salary as K3.8 million. In a statement  made available to the Maravi Post, reveald the current President’s salary as K1.5 million.
According the article titled “Magufuli’s K3m salary thrills local analyst” published in The Nation Newspaper on Thursday, 5 October 2017, put Mutharika’s salary as K3.8 million, following an increase on 1st October 2014.
The article also continues to quote a report, which “claimed” that the President” earns 100 times more than an average Malawian.”
However, the State House said the suggestions and claims in the said article, have no factual basis.
State House in the statement said the facts on record regarding the President’s salary, are that:
a) Salaries of Deputy Ministers, Ministers, the Vice President and the President in Malawi are legally looped together in such a way that the lower salary, is two thirds of the next higher salary;
b) The effect of the looping of the salaries is that an increment in any of the lower salary triggers an automatic increment in the others.
As such, the salary of the President of Malawi at any given point is affected by the salary adjustments effected to the salary of either Deputy Ministers, Ministers or the Vice President;
c) Contrary to practice in some countries, the salary of the President in Malawi is public information verifiable by anyone at any point;
d) His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, found the presidential salary at K2.7 million per month when he came in Government in 2014;
e) The President declined to draw the salary of K2.7 million monthly, and instead directed that he would actually be receiving K1.5 million monthly; this information was published.
f) On 1st October 2016, (not 2014 as the Nation article says) the salary of the President was revised to K3.8 million as an automatic result of adjustments in some of the positions below him;
g) However, again, the President modestly decided to continue drawing that same K1.5 million, which remains the case to date. President Arthur Peter Mutharika in reality refused to receive a salary raise in order to lead by action his principle of spending on austerity measures.
“It is therefore not correct to suggest that President Peter Mutharika earns K3.8 million per month, and then proceed to use this false suggestion as a basis for attacking his personal character. It is also wrong to suggest that the President does not declare his salary because, in this country, as stated earlier, the President’s salary is by law already available as public information,” reads the statement.