By Viciah Nasonh-Mec Stringer
Dedza district council has asked the local journalists to report positively on the forth coming 2018  population and Housing Census  that communities are getting right information.
Speaking to journalists, district supervisor for Dedza district council Chikhawo Mbewe said the media has a crucial role to play in the country, Dedza inclusive.
Mbewe said engaging the media will help in sensitizing the communities.
This will help the communities not be  confused with the ongoing voters registration process which is underway.
” We appreciate the role you play as media in Dedza hence engaging you in every program will be important as we want the news to reach every corner of the district. But our plea is that you should report facts on the ground that will help this activity to be conducted in a smooth way. The more you focus on negative stories the more you will compromise almost everything, ” said Mbewe.
He acknowledged the challenges a head of the exercise as the country has another two mass registration of NRB and MEC voter registration exercise.
He then urged journalist to help communities to differentiate the two from this one as well as change their mindset on some misconceptions they have.
Malawi government is expected to employee 25,000 enumerators in this activity and meanwhile interviews are underway in different places.