George Chaponda a gerontocrat has been sacked by a gerontocrat Peter Mutharika. If we investigate deeply about the mess that Malawi is in we will discover that gerontocrats are the people that have and are destroying our country.

The youth out of fear or respect have left politics to be dominated by gerontocrats whose lifespan is short living and futureless.

Our country being the poorest across the globe require youthful and energetic leaders that can sail from Nsanje to Chitipa within a day and be able to work extra hours in state house.

We need young and youthful leaders to be able to negotiate and fight for our Lake among other things.

The expose of cash in the house of the fired minister is not new to gerontocrats, they know their time is over what they do is keep caches not of weapons but of cash. Rumours went viral that after Bingus death bundles and bundles of cash were found in his house and more at the grave of his wife late Ethel Mutharika. This is what gerontocrats do when they reach over 70.

If ACB, police and Financial intelligent Unit can probe houses and offices of other ministers on the lineage of gerontocracy we will not be surprised to see billions in cash stashed in their houses and offices.

Just as it happened during Bingu era bundles of  foreign currency were found in his house yet the country had ran out of forex to buy fuel. Today as economic hardships have hit the country one senior minister has the chance and space to keep huge amounts of money in the house. This is the life of gerontocrats an opaque minded (gerontocrats) whose vision is get rich quick and keep stealing from resources of the nation.

Now looking at the pace at which our nation is moving socially and economically compared to our neighbours Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania; our country is far much behind with no prospects of transformation or reform. Old people always think of the past and ignore the future. Look at development plans of our country, we have no dual carriageway in the entire country, we have no commuter trains in cities and towns, our lakes are good for water but water in not used to enhance development on transport and consumption. Roads are build for political purposes not for development sake. Each and everything gerontocrats do are for political scores and purposes not for the future. No wonder all the five governments of gerontocrats that have ruled our nation never pursued or continued with the projects and development agenda of the other governments though they were good and futuristic. The Shire Zambezi waterways, the cow per family projects were futuristic but they have all been stopped.

Calculating carefully the failure of Malawi one can find that it is none other than the system of gerontocracy. Let us imagine if Kamuzu Banda had won Independence in Malawi in his 30s and 40s, Bakili Muluzi in his 35s or 45s, Bingu becoming a president at the age of 45 or 50 what type of a country we would have by now development wise? Malawi could be far advanced in development and technology  not withstanding human development.

Chaponda’s cash

We must confess our country has faced all these hardships mainly because of gerontocracy. Old people take time to consider and take solemn decisions. An open example on corruption; in 2013 when cash gate was discovered the young female president did not take a moment to decide, Joyce Banda dissolved cabinet and left others out, embarked on tracing and detecting corruption within 30 days over 66 dockets were opened with many suspects in custody. After 2014 corruption continued but Peter Mutharika took time despite his lamentable daily speeches that his government was full of corrupt people. It’s almost three years since the gerontocrat has kept crying about corruption but failing to stop it. Had he acted swiftly in 2014 how much money could be saved? How much billions has our country lost because of his old age late decisions?

We must have old age in government “yes” but not in decision-making critical and strategic positions. Peter Mutharika has costed our nation transformation towards a better nation socially and economically.

With gerontocrats we have lost development aid though I don’t support it, we have lost time for development, we have lost parts of Lake Malawi and a valuable 23 years towards a better developed Malawi.

I challenge all the youth of Malawi to stand up and compete in all strategic and critical positions of our country for a better and desired development. We are not late we can start remaking our country as from 2019 upwards.

For 3 years Malawi has lost billions in corruption only one minister is fired in 2017 when there are hundreds and more thieves in the system. Old people are good for village matters not national issues.

The youth has a future while the old are closing in on closing theirs. Let’s take our nation into the hands of futuristic and energetic youth whose blood is still fresh and hotter.
2019 is the time for the youth.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
with a hand made catapult a young David defeated the powerful Goliath, there is a future in the youth.