If truth is said, electing Bakili Muluzi as a first democratic president was a terrible mistake Malawians will live to regret.

The new dispensation was supposed to see someone out side the ruling party MCP of Kamuzu Banda to transform the political scenario in Malawi.

After Kamuzu Banda declared Amnesty to all exile dissidents, a proposal was put forward for a need to establish the truth and reconciliation commission [South African type] to heal the wounds and forgive our dreadful past.

This was the only way “truth” could free this nation.

The mystery of the true identity and roots of Kamuzu Banda were going to be known and today we were not going to be fighting the young man who lost his life mysteriously just as the roots and life of his purported father.

Malawi must confess we have failed Jim Juman, just as we have failed the families of the Mwanza four of 1983.

Similarly we keep failing families of many Dunduzu Chisiza, Atati Mpakati, Mkwapatira Mhango, Orton Chirwa and Vera Chirwa.

Robert Chasowa
Opatsidwa: Robert Chasowa

The list keep on “foaming” Evison Matafale, Issa Njaunju, Robert Chasowa and many more.

When a country choose to live mystery these are consequences, a health and sound young man has lost life prematurely without establishing the cause of his death.

In 1994-95 a booklet was written by the Utopian to democratic president Bakili Muluzi to revive the proposal of creating the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for purposes of national healing.

My booklet titled “National Cry for the True Malawi” had a flag on “half mast” symbolizing the country mourning and tearing down in secretive pain and bleeding.

Unfortunately Bakili Muluzi responded through his press officer Alaudin Osman in attempt to buy some time.

It was too late to realize that a “Hyena cannot change its colour even if it change mountains.

Bakili Muluzi was a Secretary General of brutal MCP when many opponents lost lives, asking him for a TRC was as good as asking him to strip himself naked.


UDF took advantage of the desperate citizens who wanted “change” by any means. Today we have been betrayed.

Successive governments that came deliberately moved on and gave deaf ear to the “cry for a true Malawi”.

Without TRC Malawi will have no answer to many hectic secrets affecting the country.

In the same lifestyle of secrets people living with Albinism are mysteriously being killed without the nation knowing the truth, citizens have been killed and private parts removed, blood suckers have caused havoc across the nation.

Almost each and every government that wins elections come with its mystery of Satanism in Malawi but no truth is known.

During Kamuzu Banda blood was sucked in what we called “Chilobwe blood sucking”

During Bakili Muluzi the Chiradzulu killings saw citizens removed private parts, breasts and teeth.

Bingu Wa Mutharika had his own he killed in cold blood 20 innocent citizens to be exact.

Under Peter Mutharika it is worse [double tragedy] blood sucking and killing of people with Albinism and beating of opposition not forgetting torching of offices and state buildings.

Without “truth and reconciliation” Malawi will be a nation that will see unending blood bath of civil strife.

Citizens are observing and studying the actions and activities of the government and soon they will react if not retaliating against their own government which will force the government to use lethal power to disperse crowds which in the process will kill citizens.

For the sake of peace Parliament of Malawi must pass a new bill of OPENNESS which will eventually pave way for the establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Malawi must know the true roots of the founding father of the Malawi nation Kamuzu Banda, his marital life and offsprings.

Distinguish between Kamuzu Banda, Akimu Kankhwala and Richard Armstrong. This will help to make the blood line of Kamuzu Banda be known and be welcome in Malawi.

Malawi must avoid living in the darkness, in democratic dispensation; society must be open with no secrets.

We therefore reiterate its not too late to get back into the past for the best of the greater future.

Servants of state should not have absolute powers to hide from the employers [citizens].

In South Africa liberation fighters from all revolutionary groups ANC, PAC, IFP, UDF, Azania as well as apartheid government expozed their heinous acts against one another and forged ahead into building a unified nation.

That seed of “Truth” has grown and bearing best fruits.

Jacob Zuma and his ANC party tried hard to conceal secrets about “state capture” but failed.

Today the ruling party is in the dock of “commissions of inquiry” which will see big heads rolling into the wheels of justice.

Malawi can develop only if she “open up”.

May the soul of purported son of the founding father Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Jim Juman rest in eternal peace.

His death is a wake up call for Malawi to open up and stop filing secrets forever.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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