Common Sense
Malawi on the Age and Era of “NO COMMON SENSE”

Common sense has taken leave on everyone in Malawi. Common sense has kissed good bye to this lovely and beautiful nation of abundance where in disregard to different languages the nation of Malawi is known by its common tongue…”Nyanja”.

From Nsanje to Chitipa, from Likoma to Mchinji Malawians have one idiom of communication.

The question that arise now is; where and how have we lost the COMMON SENSE?

The answer will obviously come to “politics”.

Politics in Malawi has chased away common sense.

For over 53 years we have had this “game of politics” despite being oppressed but common sense was among and within us why have we lost it now after we managed to dislodge the oppressor?

Despite armed to teeth dictatorship and iron fist that was meted with myths of absolute fear believing that whatever “common sense” citizens would talk about the Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda would hear and know, citizens continued to have trust and lived with common sense.

It is the same common sense that made Malawians to oust and do away with the most feared killer/oppressor Kamuzu Banda.

The politics that was invented after Kamuzu Banda chased and jailed common sense.

In 1994 Malawi reached an age where common sense was given the death sentence.

We are now in an age and era of “no love but convinience, no unity, no cohesion, no congruence, no courage, no equilibrium, no memory, nothing I is wrong, none but me myself and I, no future, no leader to believe in or follow, not beyond my stomach politics, no explanation of what we do, no real rules except to fear the leader, no politics of the heart but politics of the scarf and flag, none of my business or yours, no communication, no confidence, no compliance, no education, no meaning of what we do and why, no access, no success, no alignment, no one nation one people, no equality, no comprehension that resources belong to the people, no credit to anyone but the leader and the fearful, no common good, no regard for those that are at the margins of life, no concern for those that think differently, no change to the system because the corrupt and murderous henchmen and cohorts will get hurt, no questions asked, no journalism, no police reform, no conferencing except to hear the leader chastise the listener, no more participation in nation building, no planning, we are indeed in an AGE of no planning, age of nowhere, age of no return, age of no security, age of impotence and incontinence”.

These are the ills we conceived after arresting “Common Sense” in Malawi.

Malawi has been completely destroyed after 1994 unless we regroup around the fundamentals of the struggle for true democracy again for ALL.

If we are to change our country and stop the massive “nos” above we must first unchain “common sense” from prison and free it to live and be with us in our community and society at large.

It is then time to start dealing with ourselves first and differently. The devil is in the detail of how we do this without fear or favour.

Malawians must know and realize we are here to be part of the history that must restore our destiny and dignity. We owe this honour to those beautiful and handsome ones too small, too young and those not yet born.

Fellow citizens! until we change the way we look at one another as citizens with equal rights, equal liberties and obligations in disregard to tribe, region, status, political and religious affiliations, nationality and creed we are likely and bound to lose and leave this country in a mess and disaster more than we found it in Nineteen hundred and ninety four.

History is being recorded according to our deeds today.

Whatever we feed or do, be it our fears or insecurities; our egos or our greed, selfishness or corrupt mindset to become richer or famous than the rest.

Superficial things of overnight wealth when we have spent over 40 years outside the country without any suitcase, bogus titles, positional power are just a competition of dwarfs but the country is supposed to be the best recipient not us as individuals.

We need to be careful and learn from history about how the Lion and Messiah of Malawi got flattered by the pages of history. What if Bakili Muluzi consented to dig up his true history?

History is our judge. Politicians must be careful because they have power to do anything, they need to know that they are the worst victims of history because we remember them mostly for their ill deeds they commit during their time.

I summon Peter Mutharika to fear nothing but history. You don’t graze where your friend’s livestock got killed because of green grass.

His take to clean up the mess of corruption in Malawi will save him from many pages of history as the champion and advocate of “no common sense”.

I urge all Malawians to embark and start unchaining “common sense” and declare freedom to this noble philosophy called “Common Sense”.

With common sense we can start rebuilding our nation; with common sense we can stop corruption and looting of state funds, common sense can make us responsible citizens.


Saunders Jumah


The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the opinion of the Editor or the publisher of the Maravi Post.