Months down the line,the church society in Malawi especially the CCAP and Roman Catholic leaders were on fore front agitating for strict measures against any acts of homesexuality,gay,same sex marriages, abortion bill in which virgils were organized in protest against the same in 2016.

Following revelations made to Maravi Post,it has been learnt that Reverend S Banda of the CCAP synod of Livingston,based in Karonga at Karonga Old Mission Congregation is sleeping with choir boys.

The revelations were made at the recent church youth services on which youth were protesting against the said Reverend behavior and senior church officials were seen calming down the situation.

The Reverend is said to be giving handouts for those boys he is having sex with.

The pastor is actually capitalizing on the poverty stricken families of such boys and it is said that a sum of not less than MK 50,000 is given to silence the boys.

According to one boy(name withheld)aged 19, claimed that it’s now three months he has been sleeping with this Reverend but he feels it’s time to reveal the truth and ask God for forgiveness and repentance.

Efforts of talking to the Reverend proved futile as his mobile phone was out of reached on several attempts at the time Maravi Post was establishing the story.

But speaking to one of the Congregation official who denied to reveal his identity, agreed to the allegations where he alluded that the number of victims to this homesexual pastor are not less than five boys and he looked very dissapointed with the news “how can we be speaking against evils of same sex marriages while our own male leaders are fucking our boys?, this should be Sodom and Gomorrah period” he added.

Speaking on the same development,a reknown Mzuzu based- Human Rights Activist and Social Commentator, Jackson Caesar Msiska rebuked the Synod for siding with the homesexual pastor since it was discovered that the issue is already at the Synod board but nothing has been done yet and said “if the stories are true then the CCAP synod of Livingstonia is messing a lot,it should really act as mouth piece of vulnerable groups in Malawi but their silent on the matter means contrary”.

In his words, Msiska warned that in his capacity as a human rights activist will follow the story with keen interest and assist the victims to seek legal help so that the behavior must not be entertained anymore as it does compromise with the current laws of the land and a violation of rights to the poor boys.

Karonga Police are yet to issue a comment on the matter.