By Mwai Nkhoma
With just six months to go before the country goes to the poll’s, there is  still no signs as to whether the opposition parties will form a coalition a development which political experts  have observed that the move will lead to the ruling Democratic Progressive party(DPP) remaining in power come 2019.
Chancellor College  based Political Scientist Mustaph Hussein who has since advised the main opposition Malawi Congress Party(MCP) to consider forming a coalition with some opposition parties.
He said forming  a coalition would  increase MCP chances of winning next year’s Tripartite Elections.
“The opposition should make sure that it leaves no stone unturned  by forming a formidable block that can ensure it gets votes from al region’s of the country that way they shall emerge victorious come next year”, said Hussein.
Hussein cited a possible coalition between  MCP and People’s party that it can give MCP much needed votes from the southern region where PP has many supporter’s.
“These parties has got different strong holds MCP is more popular in the center region than  other parties while for instance PP is more popular in some parts of the southern region a combination of the two parties can wrap in more votes all they  can do join hands” said he.
He also said the opposition should brace for a tougher time  should the much touted alliance between United Democratic Front (UDF) and DPP come to fruition  saying the coalition between the two parties would seal victory for the ruling Party.
“These two parties  UDF and DPP has got majority of voters in the southern region which has the highest population in the country  so if these too come together and the opposition parties chooses not to form a coalition that would spell disaster for them” said Hussein.
Another analyst who asked  not to be named  the only way the opposition can easily wrestle power from DPP is by forming coalition saying failing to do so would divide the opposition votes.
“When a party is in government it does every thing it can  to consolidate its grip, this is why the opposition should swallow their pride and reach out to each other  so that they can form a strong team that can topple DPP”, he said.
He said the delay in forming  a coalition by the main opposition parties like MCP and PP shows just how greedy they are all in clinching to power.
They know that forming a coalition with other parties  positions  would mean sharing key positions a thing they don’t want, this is very unfortunate because they are pushing for their agendas first instead of ordinary Malawian’s,” he added.
The political landscape in the country has been gripped with electoral fever as the date for next year’s Tripartite Elections which is slated for May next year is drawing closer.