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Mudzi Transformation Trust to target the urban poor -JB

President Joyce Banda has said Malawi has no boundary of urban and rural as far as poverty is concerned saying that is why she has directed the Mudzi Transformation Trust to renovate and constructnew houses for the needy in both areas.

Dr Banda made the remarks Friday at a development rally at Gymkhana ground after inspecting houses earmarked for Mudzi Transformation Trust at Chikanda location in the suburb of Zomba City.

“The Mudzi Transformation Trust will just look at the needy persons whether in urban and rural areas. I am well informed that there are also people living in poverty in urban areas according to what I have seen at Chikanda,”the President said adding it was the wish of her Government to make sure that people are sleeping in houses that do not leak when it rains.

She also reminded Malawians that when the People’s Party took government 2 years ago, there were fuel shortages, forex scarcity, media repressive laws and police search in individual houses without warrant which she has reversed.

President Joyce Banda interacts with a mudzi transformation trust beneficiaryPresident Banda assured the gathering to vote for the PP led government in order to extend their mandate of continuing the programmes that are in place for the needy people such as the social cash transfer, cow a family, farm input subsidy programme, fertilizer loan scheme and the mudzi transformation trust  among others as outlined in the party’s manifesto.

Trade and Industry Minister Sosten Gwengwe who is also Dr. Banda’s running mate in the 2014 tripartite elections said in a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit a British Organization PP presidential candidate Dr. Banda has been tipped to win because of her sound policies such as Mudzi Transformation Trust which is deemed as an out rich programme for the needy in the country.

Gwengwe also stated that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission which was in the country for the past 2 weeks has been impressed with the current administration on how it has managed the economy for the past two years through its Economic Recovery Programme.

Uladi Mussa Minister of Home Affairs and who is also PP Vice president for the centre said it was only president Banda who has experience and truck record of running political affairs and government among the 11 competing candidates in the elections.

Mussa told the crowd; Dr. Banda has passed through the hierarchy from district, region, and national on frontline party politics and also served as a Member of Parliament, Minister, Vice President and now President of the nation and only need a fresh mandate on 20th May through the ballot box.

Eastern Region Provincial Chairperson Samson Msosa also paraded 40 supporters from DPP and UDF who announced their defection to the ruling PP and also introduced Patricia Kainga Nangozo popularly known as Mai Nangozo in the political arena as aspiring shadow Member  of Parliament for Zomba Central.

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