President and Vice President of Malawi and their Spouses
Malawi President and His Vice Celebrate at Public Functions as they should

As Malawians; we mourn together and we also celebrate together. If death has come among us; the rule of thumb is that we leave whatever we planned to do for that period and go comfort our friends, show solidarity with them. We are always there with our friends as they burial their loved ones. Our presence literally lessens the burden on their part. Seeing your relatives around; your friends round; you are encouraged. This is what defined us Malawians. This is who we are. These are the values our parents taught us. We are living these values and we will leave these values to our children. This is the acceptable way of conduct in Malawi in such situations.However, this is different from Malawi President Peter Mutharika. The guy is just not Malawian. Some of us are not surprised. It may be because he has been abroad for a long time. He does not know what it means to behave in a Malawian way.

This is the case of the tragedy that the Muluzi family is failing to understand as to what actually happened. The daughter of the political engineer together with her friend, while helping in applying fertilizer in her garden, were struck by lightning and pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. This was a pure tragedy.

What does Mutharika do? He feigns to condole Muluzi. He tells Muluzi he wished he could be there during the burial ceremony but that he couldn’t. He likes partying and he needed to attend a party of the so called MBC Achievers award at state house. Serious?

Mutharika was partying when the Muluzi family were mourning and burying their daughter. Even the so called Saulos Chilima was with Mutharika partying hard, very hard when Muluzi was burying his daughter.

Look at this; we know Muluzi is a Muslim. However, the deceased belonged to CCAP. Nevertheless, the eminent and ever busy Malawi Catholic Bishops left all what they do simply to be with Muluzi. They understand the fact that it is at this moment when you need to comfort your friend.

Bakili Muluzi views body of Esmie
Former President Bakili Muluzi weeping as he looks at his Daughter for the Last time

The catholic bishops respect Muluzi because during bad as well as good moments; Muluzi is always there with them, mourning together with them as well as celebrating together with them.

However, this is not the case with Mutharika and Chilima; they party even when their friend has lost a daughter. They don’t care. This is stupidity! Yes stupidity of the highest order. As Malawians we can’t condone this stupidity.

This even reflects the status in our country. These two leaders are insensitive of the sufferings of Malawians. They simply just don’t care. Just imagine, if they are failing to care for their friend Muluzi; can they care for the nation? This is where there is black-outs everywhere. No water. Sad. But it is understandable, what can stupid leaders do if not subjecting their people into shame of black-outs and no water.  These two; honestly tinabetsa, bolanso amayi ndithu!

Look at this; even the younger Muluzi; Atupele is in their cabinet. They needed to show some respect, Amangwetu.

But what do they do; they party hard and lol and behold, President Mutharika was yesterday in Mchinji attending a wedding of daughter to some veteran farmer Simbi. By the way, they want to use, abuse and dump Simbi the way they did with Mulli. Zake izo che Simbi!

Amangwetu; what is important between attending a burial ceremony and a wedding ceremony in Malawi? What is important?

This is why we are saying Peter Mutharika, (read DPP) has shown a middle finger to Muluzi (read UDF) and the political engineer has taken note of this insult.

As for us Malawians; we know that both Mutharika and Chilima have proven themselves as undoubted failures in running the affairs of our country. We simply didn’t know that they are also failures in behaving in Malawian culture and what they have done is unpardoned sin politically. These two deserve to be nowhere near running the affairs of our country. These two are a danger to the nation. They must be eliminated using any other way possible and this must happen as soon as possible.


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