Peter Mutharika
Malawi President Mutharika warns people against politicizing albino killings

In a statement signed by Presidential Press Secretary & Spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani, President Mutharika expressed sadness that some political leaders have chosen to use the unfortunate attacks and murders of people with albinism to score cheap political gains.

“It is immoral for any political leader to sink so low and use the suffering of our brothers and sisters with albinism for political gain,” said President Mutharika, while calling upon people with albinism to watch out for power hungry politicians that are bent on trying to use their plight for political gains.

In the statement, the Malawi leader reiterated that claims or beliefs that one can get riches using albino body parts are absurd and primitive.

He further called “upon traditional leaders and the faith community to join hands with government in restoring our evidently compromised social moral fabric which is apparently giving room to these barbaric beliefs and crimes against people with albinism”.

President Mutharika also commended the community in Sub-Traditional Authority Mchinguza in Machinga district and the community in the area of Traditional Authority Chingala in Lilongwe for their vigilance which foiled attempted attacks on persons with albinism in their communities a couple of days ago.

“Vigilance as demonstrated by people of the two communities is effective. Government will support such vigilance by investigating the perpetrators of the attacks and ensure that they face the long arm of the law,” added President Mutharika.

Meanwhile, Police in Dedza have arrested three people in connection with the abduction of Goodwin Fanizo a 14 year-old-boy with albinism in the district.

Disclosing this to MBC, national Police Public Relations Officer James Kadadzera said police have arrested the three on suspicion that they took part in the abduction of the boy.

Said Kadadzera: “After receiving the reports of the abduction, we went full throttle on the ground following every lead that we had and as police we have arrested three suspects who are connected to the abduction of the albino boy. We however appeal to all Malawians to work hand in hand with the police. However we are very saddened by few unpatriotic Malawians who have an evil mind and are still haunting people with albinism,” said Kadadzera.

Goodwin Fanizo was abducted on Wednesday evening in his Mphanyama Village.