By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-President Peter Mutharika lawyers in the on going presidential elections case risks being booted out because of their involvement in fraud cases.

Kanyenda is on bail pending prosecution after he swindled money MK65 million  meant for his clients. He has another case of swindling a client MK5 million.

Kanyenda has been arrested twice in connection with fraud cases.

Mbeta on the other hand managed to get an injunction against his arrest after being caught red handed offering a bribe to a Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officer to destroy evidence against his Indian businessman client.

As Fiscal Police were about to pounce on Mbeta, he run away to Zomba High Court where he got an injunction stopping his arrest. He is surviving on that injunction otherwise he has a pending warrant of arrest.

Some ‘Concerned Citizens’ are calling the judiciary to boot out the two out of the case until their cases are resolved.

“We are trying to meet the Chief Justice to ask him to remove these two lawyers from the case. They have pending fraud cases and it would be better if they were to be cleared by the courts first before taking part in this high profile and sensitive case. It is the reputation of the judiciary at stake here,” said Kingston Malunga one of the concerned citizens.

Some citizens are however not surprised that the two lawyers are representing Mutharika.

“To me am not surprised that these two facing fraud charges are representing someone who we all accuse of electoral fraud, talk of birds of the same feathers,” said James Kaunda.

“We will first meet the Chief Justice on this matter and if it fails we will ask civil society to include this issue as one of the points for the demonstrations,” said Malunga.

Fiscal Police sources said they were told not to pursue the cases against Mbeta and Kanyenda because they are in involved in a ‘big case and need not to be disturbed’.

“But otherwise we are ready with the two cases and the evidence that we have against them is enough to secure their conviction,” said a high ranking official for Fiscal Police.