Gay Rights AgitatorsThe Malawi President Peter Mutharika has ordered Malawi police to drop charges against gay men, which appeared to be a cover to agitate for Gay rights causes and rile up the donor community in the country.


An angry President Peter Mutharika ordered the immediate dropping of all criminal charges against two men who were involved in homosexual activities and curiously, confessed to a conveniently waiting police.



The Malawi President said he does not want to hear this nonsense again. The Malawi President warned the, police officers who arrested these two gays, risk their job.


There were a lot of questions raised to the whole arrest.  Many people believed it was a setup to promote Gays rights in the country. This belief was confirmed by the reaction of Western Ambassadors who rushed to Social Media to express their dismay and also Malawi Civil society who was ready to crucify Peter Mutharika.


President Peter Mutharika has done well by nipping this nonsense in the butt before it became an international rallying point for Gay rights agitators