By Saunders Jumah

When your own dogs bite you, when the majority of the people reject you, when you have failed to raise the standard of the needs of the nation; when high expectations have been disrespected.

President Peter Mutharika being one of the elders of our nation could do the nation, his children, his sister in law and all the people of Malawi a favour by vacating office of the president and join the bench of elders in retirement.

Malawi has experienced many hurtful incidents never seen before because of the old age and unattentive actions of president Peter Mutharika. People living with albinism fear to live in Malawi under Peter Mutharika.

Donors have sworn not to return because of Peter Mutharika, corruption is bred like puppies and piglets in numbers because of Peter Mutharika. Honest and hardworking men and women have been induced to practice corruption and state looting because of president Peter Mutharika.

The state of Malawi has been weakened and left to rot because of Peter Mutharika, much of which is blamed on his old age and lack of honesty about the nation of Malawi.

President Peter Mutharika’s children love their father just like they love their nation, former first lady Callista Mutharika love the nation much, Maenga is the “vertebrate of the country” hence speaking in cahoot with those calling on President Peter Mutharika to step aside.

Malawi has in the four years that President Peter Mutharika came into power entertained and gave joy and happiness to few members most of who are the “midnight Six” who plotted to overthrow the constitution in 2012.

The midnight 6 have destroyed the nation, Malawi for 4 years has been ruled under the “evil plan” of ‘civilian coup de tat’ that sought to put Peter Mutharika in power unconstitutionally.

This is the mentality that has destroyed the ruling DPP party. Many sane followers and supporters have been sidelined in favour of the 6.

All who speak truthfully and honestly are ridiculed and crucified, former first lady Callista Mutharika’s life is in danger for speaking the truth, Maenga is regarded as the “enemy of state” because of holding the brave obligation of bringing Malawi back to sanity.

Everyone who follow the path of truth is faulted and painted black. Truth be told Peter Mutharika is not a material in this age to be leading a nation like Malawi in this 21st century.

He has failed to stop corruption because he himself is too corrupt, he has failed to apprehend thieves because his survival at state house depends on thieves. He has failed to bring sanity in the country because his ascendance to the throne was out of insanity.

Maenga warn and cautions all involved in making president Peter Mutharika to remain in power above 80 to see to it that former first lady Callista Mutharika is safe and that nothing sinister happen to her for speaking the only language that DPP was supposed to be speaking right now. President Peter Mutharika is too old to lead a nation that has more challenges to deal with.

Malawi is not a company, neither is it a farm of few individuals. It is a nation in diversity, it needs and require a sane, intelligent, thinking, motherly hearted, tough and abled person to rid this nation from the difficulties of corruption and state looting.

President Peter Mutharika with his age do not fit for the vacancy. Let the ring be for energetic middle age and young minds compete for office of the presidency.

On this Maenga call on MCP Lazarus Chakwera, the undisputed Iron lady Joyce Banda, Saulos Claus Chilima be the contenders of the presidential elections in 2019 for the hope and resuscitation of our nation. We have that any of the three can and will bring hope to this “political old age forsaken country”.

Wherever former president Joyce Banda is must be asked to come back and call for duty, she may complete her mandate.

Lazarus Chakwera is called to do the needful the ground is fertile.

Saulos Chilima is asked to stand up and defy being a son of the president, he is the deputy president and he must draw a plan to reinvent DPP to life beyond 2019.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian