BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Supreme Court of Malawi in Blantyre on Friday overturned the High Court’s earlier ruling that Youth And Society (YAS) did not have sufficient interest in the MK145 million food rations deal.
YAS executive Director Charles Kajoloweka confirmed the development, Mzuzu-based civil society organisation (CSO) that dragged Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Pioneer Investments to court and freezing their bank accounts linked to the MK2.7 billion police food rations deal.
Lawyers representing DPP and Pioneer, Frank Mbeta and Chancy Gondwe, had argued in court that YAS was out of its jurisdiction as it has no power to sue on behalf Malawians as Section 98 of the Constitution stipulates that it is only the Attorney General (AG) that has such powers.
But on his part, Theu argued that the AG was in a compromised situation as he is a member of the governing DPP and he is also a party in the case.
YAS executive director Charles Kajoloweka said his institution will fight to the end until Malawians get the truth and justice on the matter.
“Pushing the caravan of accountability is no longer an option,” he said.
Immediately after the High Court ruling by Judge Jack N’riva in August dismissing the CSO in the case on the basis that it has no sufficient interest and cannot sue on behalf of Malawians.