LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawian exporters have challenged to  put much effort on developing competitive price strategies for their targeted export markets.

This helps them to win international export contracts that boost their businesses for the country’s growth.

The challenge comes as  the nation is taking of focusing on promoting Malawi’s competitiveness on exports with the aim of achieving a positive trade balance for the country – a thing that has alluded us since independence.

Addressing the annual exporters seminar in the capital Lilongwe this week,  Secretary for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Dr Ken Ndala said time was ripe for business gurus in the country could tap pricing strategies skills to meet international standards.

Dr. Ndala observes that competition in a target market cannot be based on product differentiation but on price and ability to supply amongst the main issues.

“The objective of the Annual Exporters Seminar is to assist export ready and emerging exporters on the right and effective way to work out competitive export pricing and develop pricing strategies for their targeted export markets. Additionally the seminar will grill participants on how an Export contract is drawn, negotiated and will also create a platform for interface with trade support institutions and financial institutions through G2B and B2Bs, respectively.

“I suppose this is the first step to ensure that that these trade promotional activities that have been organized result into increased exports by amongst other having exporters that are equipped with relevant skills to negotiate contracts, set competitive prices and close deals,” says Dr. Ndala


Echoing on the same, Malawi Investment  Trade Centre (MITC)’s Executive Director Clement Kumbemba whose institution organized the seminar expressed  gratitude over such forums which have helped traders to have business skills for their ventures.


Kumbemba added that this year’s Annual Exporters Seminar  aimed at building the capacity of exporters in export pricing, logistics, export contract negotiation, and strengthening business linkages.

“You may not fully understand the critical role that you play in making Malawi a competitive nation. Through your exports we are able to grow the economy and contribute to the much needed forex. As a trade promotional institution our role is to market Malawi as a destination for trade and investments.

“If we have competitive products on the export market our market share in the region and even international is guaranteed. That’s why we are gathered here today, to gain the necessary knowledge and skills that will give us regionally and globally a competitive edge. I urge all to apply the knowledge, ” urges Kumbemba.

In 2017, MITC also held a similar seminar which focused on building capacity of exporters in packaging, labelling and post-harvest handling.


Since last, MITC says some of participated  companies have improved their packaging and labelling such as Bwanje Cooperative, among others.