Bishop Shepard BushiriMalawian, South Africa based prophet Shepherd Bushiri has come out to say he is worth billions and he cannot charge people to have private talk with him.

This follows reports that his church Enlightened Christian Gathering charging is charging congregantion R5, 000 to have one on one sessions with the Malawian prophet and and the money used to enrich him

Speaking in an interview Bushiri denied being enriched by the church saying he have personal projects outside South Africa worth billions of dollars


” And to speak about myself I have projects outside South Africa worth billions and it’s not true that I makes people pay, I am not just a prophet I have wells of oil and mines across Africa and Im a president of Africci that sponsors governments with funding worth billions” said Bushiri

He further claimed to own two personal private jets.

In a statement released by church Bushiri on Thursday Bushiri said the reports are not a true refrection of the truth on the ground but rather ” uninformed and misleading reports”

” ECG church through my leadership has grown at an alarming rate, attracting thousands of people that come to the Republic of South Africa every two weeks on the International visitors ticket and they are required to pay a fee of R5, 000 that caters for their accommodation, meals and transportation to and from the hotel and church respectively, for the period of 3 days.” Said Bushiri

He said as a prophet he has nothing to do with this arrangement as he is only concerned with preaching the gospel to them and making his anointing work in their lives.

The man of God said all the pre-arrangements of the international visitors are done by an independnt body chosen by the church.

He pointed out that international visitors reive special treatment because most of them are people who visit South Africa for the first time and they become a responsibility of the church the moment they come in the country for prayers.

“We urge our friends in the media to refrain from reporting stories with inadequate facts, but rather strive to give well informed and accurate information to avoid misleading the general public. ECG Pretoria has a membership of over 30,000 people that come to attend our weekly service and no one has ever been asked to pay a fee to meet me during all our weekly service” added Bushiri

” Let it be emphasised that I meet every person, irrespective of their color, age, gender and nationality and I will continue to help people who come to attend church services without any fee attached.” He said