Malawians on social media have backed former Malawi’s First Lady Callista Mutharika for declaring the country’s Vice President Saulos Chilima as the only hopeful candidate for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the forthcoming tripartite election.

Callista is on record have rejected President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika through a a WhatsApp forum for former members of Parliament (MPs) which has gone viral.

“Honourable members, just to let you know that I, Callista Bingu wa Mutharika, is one member that is supporting and encouraging the Right Honourable Saulos Chilima to represent DPP as a presidential candidate in 2019… Chilima our hope for better Malawi,” wrote Callista.

The statement has attracted mixed reactions on social media especially facebook with many people supporting the former First Lady by describing Mutharika as waste leader the country have ever had.

One of the concern citizens identified as Wanga Chitule wrote: “It’s unfortunate that sometimes we people choose to hate the truth. What Callista is saying is nothing but the whole truth. With Chilima as presidential candidate, I doubt if they would be any party that would mount any reasonable challenge on him. Unfortunately, DPP cannot allow that to happen for a simple reason that he is from the Central Region. Trust me, Chilima can make a good president and can shake things around in this country.”

Concurring with Chitule’s remarks Mboba Jay wrote: “komatu pa Chilimapo ma vote nduona ngt akhoza kuwapeza ambiri bt akaikapo Mutharika yemweyu ..ife ma red card nde ali mthumba….yomazima magetsi tym yamvula n kulinso ma generator ikundiwawa ndisaname…”

On his part Mvahapule Che Nandlaha Nandlaha wrote: “Many people who contribute on FB had always said Chilima can be a winning formular for DPP.The only problem we have in Malawi is jealousy and envy.This applies to DPP leaders surrounding the president.If DPP wants to win without hussles let it allow Chilima to represent it.The guy is sharp,no bad record,humble and in addition to all these he will command votes from the youth.”

Another concerned citizen identified as Allan Kamwendo wrote: “one day God will answer our prayers. Chilima is a sharp minded man and Malawi as a country we desperately need such kind of a person to rule us.”

Meanwhile DPP top officials have threatened to deal with Callista.