By Alick Junior Sichali

People have been urged to support youth’s talent saying if they can be supported they can easily fulfill their ambitions and benefit from it.

One of the best local urban artists, Noel Chikoleka, commonly known as Phyzix, has made the remarks as they are doing a contest show in Balaka.

Phyzix said he and his colleagues thought of doing the contest show in Balaka after receiving overwhelming support when they last did a show in the district.

“We thought of doing this contest because of the support we received last time we did a show in Balaka and people have been calling us as when we will go again, so this is one way of appreciating what they did last time” Phyzix said.

Phyzix also said that he and his colleagues thought of doing the contest show to support and unearth talent of the upcoming artist in the district.

During the contest Phyzix, Macelba, Martse and Sulu will also perform at the contest show apart from the upcoming artist which is expected to happen on 24 June this year.

He however said its only entertainment will be happy if youths in the country are supported in all endeavours happening across Malawi in particular entertainment activities.