By Harry .A .Salanga

I am an avid supporter of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), despite the pain I personally went through in the 80s and early 90s. My involvement with Kamuzu’s dissidents in Dar es Salaam in 1989 was the reason I was suspected to be politically involved with Kanyama Chiume and Dr. Yaphwantha. Their body guards were my drinking buddies and I never thought it was wrong to be friends with other Malawians. Truth be told, I never practiced politics at the time.

I was in my mid 20s and was not keen after my first few years in Malawi. Having been raised in Zambia were comparatively, in my opinion was mature politics.

Despite this ordeal I had with the oldest party in this great nation, I am convinced beyond doubt about this party than any other because of this current leadership that Dr. Chakwera would do a better job in improving the lives of Malawians. I am not here to campaign for him though, I am here to express my deep fears of the challenges he would face as the chief executive of Malawi.

On Corruption

In my own opinion Malawi’s levels of corruption have become normal. Actually all those that can’t give or take a bribe are either seen to be foolish or blind. Educated people are just as corrupt as uneducated. Jobs in the Army, Police and almost all civil service must be handsomely paid for or one has to be well connected to get them.

The Army and police are law enforcement agencies but evidently most corruption reports indicate that these are the most corrupt. As I write, the former chief of the Army is being questioned for his involvement in the in procurement of good in the Malawi Defence Forces.

Another high level case of corruption and thievery involves the former head of state who allegedly took money meant for the poor and deposited in his own account.

These cases don’t die they just disappear and reappear when politics has to been seen to be doing something by blind Malawians. Who doesn’t know that Dr. Elson Bakili Muluzi will never go to jail? Who doesn’t know that the 145 million kwacha fraud and corrupt act is dead? Which cash gate case has been concluded so far?


This brings me back to the case of our next President. As much as I will vote for Dr Lazarus Chakwera and any MCP candidate, I still fear that no party nor candidate has the capacity to clear the filth in this country. We need a candidate who has some dictatorial tendencies like Kamuzu, Bingu or Magufuli.

We in this country have some of the best laws compared to other neighbouring nations. Zambia, Rwanda and some other nations have copied from our pieces of legislation and are benefiting from them.

We are not a law abiding nation. Most politicians are above the law. Who can touch a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) operative in this time and age. Let alone the head of state?

My fear is that, my beloved, President and pastor will fall below the standards of “normal evil corrupt governance”.

Capital Hill is infested with rodents who will sue you should they be fired in the next government.

Our government is a place were money exchanges hands in Hollywood style. Bags of cash are given to undeserving crooks who in real life would never afford even a push bike but are property owners in area 43.

The next President needs to clean up Capitol Hill, the police, the road traffic, immigration,, borders, MRA, hospitals and many other government service providers including ACB by the highest possible excessive force. People must be fired on 21st May 2019, prisons filled with high level crooks.

The Chaponda maize saga revisited with a strong fist, Chasowa murder solved, Njaunji murder sortied by force. I think this will work up all the thieves.

We need to feel the presence of the chief executive of this land. Chilima is too small for that. Our current President is too attached and involved in the filth.

All unexplained wealth must quickly be explained in the next government or else.


Malawi’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is roughly $5.6 billion. Compare ours to our neighbouring Zambia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $25 billion. The Malawi GDP is four times less than the Zambian one. It gets worse when we compare the income per capita of these two poor countries.

Malawi has a larger population than Zambia. Zambia has a population of around 14 million people while Malawi is close to 19 million now. Divide that into our GDP, the income per capita of Malawi lies at about $240 while that of Zambia is about US$1700.

This is scary to an honest President who just wants the best for his people. Chakwera loves this country but can he rule such poor people and give them all they need? Can we truly create 1 million jobs in the first term as one drunk UTM crook is deceiving Malawians?



Medical Tourism is a term used to mean “when the political elite are sick, they travel to advanced nations for medical attention”. At the same time, poor Malawians have to face a corrupt and a stock less KCH or Queens.

Politicians don’t care about our hospitals because they will never go there for treatment. They only go there to make political points. Gone are the days when we all went to the same schools, hospitals etc.

One European President said “Africa is a graveyard, when people are sick they come to our countries, but when they die they are flown back to be buried in their countries”. Donald Trump called African nations ” Shitholes” (Toilets).These statements are painful but true and we cannot deny them.

APM has not addressed medical tourism. Joyce Banda didn’t, Bingu never did either. How do we expect the new president to do it when it is only beneficial to him? Until we work on our hospitals, we will continue to drain our forex to other nations for medical care of the politically connected.


My fear is can our next president address these challenges? Do we have a Magufuli type on the ballot paper next year? Yes Chilima is talking tough but I doubt he can be what he claims as president of Malawi. Joyce Banda failed, Peter Mutharika has failed. Can Chakwera do it?


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