Eagle and MugabeLILONGWE (MaraviPost)—Earlier this year, two Malawian men of God namely Prophet Austin Liabunya and Apostle Kenneth Eagle separately prophesied that Robert Mugabe’s “biological clock will not tick beyond 2015.”

Maravi Post caught up with Apostle Eagle to comment on the issue now that the story which Maravi Post carried in February this year has resurfaced in most of the international media about the impending death of the President as they claimed.

 In a brief one on one interview with Maravi Post; Apostle Eagle stood by what he said that Mugabe won’t escape this year alive.

Put to him that Mugabe is going stronger and stronger each passing day— jumping from one plane to another—today in India attending the India-Africa Summit and tomorrow in Tanzania witnessing the inauguration of the new president, John Magufili, the man of God was not moved and stood by what he said saying ‘you can try me but you can’t try the will of God.” Below are the excerpts of the brief interview:

Maravi Post reporter: It has been a long time since we talked. The issue is that yourself and Prophet Liabunya earlier this year prophesied that Zimbabwe’s Mugabe will die this year and at some point you even said that the time was drawing very closer for Mugabe to exit human life! Are you guys not going to be ashamed and more importantly put the name of God into disrepute?

 Apostle Kenneth Eagle: Only God knows. As for you mind your tongue; God is God. He can’t be ashamed, neither me nor Liabunya can. Don’t mix journalism with God, you know how to talk.

 Maravi Post reporter: Noted, man of God. By the way, am not saying that God will be ashamed. I am saying if Mugabe won’t die this year as you guys claimed, are you not going to be seen as truly false men of God who speak not the mind of God but your own imaginations?

 Apostle Kenneth Eagle: Sir with due respect if you follow my prophecy, I spoke about a month that we celebrate a festive season. I spoke about what God wants Mugabe to do before he dies.

I spoke about the will of God behind the prophecy. So you better wait and see. Not all prophets are false prophets.

You can try me but you can’t try the will of God. I spoke for God and not for my gain. If Mugabe died, will you appreciate my prophecy or you will be quite. We have spoken many prophecies which have come to pass but no one speak them…but this one everyone wants to speak it…wait and see the end.

Below is the “Mugabe will in 2015 going to die prophecy” as submitted by Apostle Eagle in February this year.

 “I know there are great Prophets in Zimbabwe but my spirit is crying as am writing this.” Said Eagle.

“Why the African political hero resting without Christ,” continued Eagle referring to Mugabe.

 “It is not far when the flag of ‘Zimbabwe’ will be pulled down for some days,

“This is the fall of a great King and his kingdom,” the man of God said.

Apostle Eagle continued;

“I saw the African Union (AU) flag pulled down as a symbol of honor to their beloved leader.

“Viva,,,,Viva, This were the final words spoken by many presidents as they were entering Zimbabwe,” submitted the Prophet.

“What’s happening in Zimbabwe? That was my question and the angel of the Lord said this must come to pass soon, pray that it will not happen in a festive season.

“Then, I saw a better nation with much of economy fruitfulness, “concluded Apostle Eagle.