By Vincent Gunde

The much anticipated Bwalo la a Chewa Foundation ( BOLA_ CEFO) which was expected to be launched in Dowa on 27th July, has been shifted to 7th September, 2019.


The change of the date has drawn mixed reactions amongst the Chewa themselves with some saying the current political situation of which Malawi is sailing through is not conducive to hold such a very big event.

Dowa boma itself where the event is supposed to be held has been witnessing demonstrations after demonstrations organised by the HRDC, a development which is likely to affect the event.

Bwalo la a Chewa Foundation National Executive Director, Rev. Flywell Somanje, said the demonstrations have nothing to do with their plans of launching the grouping in Dowa.

Rev. Somanje said it is the wish of all the Chewas in Malawi to conduct the first ever unique ceremony that will unite all the Chewas from the family of Nyangu, their ancestral mother.

He said previously Kulamba ceremony have been held in Zambia at Mkaika of which the Chewas from Malawi through the Chewa Heritage Foundation ( CHEFO) has been attending.

The Rev. said time has now come for the Chewas in Malawi to sample their cultural performances in their country particularly in Dowa urging all the Chewas to fully prepare for this event.

He said having a population of about 14 million Chewas, mobilising all  to meet at one place in Dowa, it’s not easy saying the event will be graced by people from all walks of life.

Rev. Somanje said all the departments of the Bwalo la a Chewa are busy working day and night to have the launch in Dowa expressing hope that if every Chewa contribute K20, the event in Malawi will be memorable in the heart of many.

He said after the launch in Dowa, the event will be held annually but it will be rotating in districts to make sure that each district contribute positively to the development of Bwalo la a Chewa Foundation and its activities.

Bwalo la a Chewa Foundation was registered by the Registrar General on 26th April, 2018 and its planned activities have spread to reach out to all the Chewas in Malawi for the promotion and preservation of the Chewa culture.