Malawi’s colleges students urged to drum up for Chilima

By  Michelle Manjawira

The final year student at Malawi College of Accountancy who is also  the chairperson for UTM students  operations in the southern region  Christian Chikalimba on Tuesday reasoned with fellow  university and college students to choose the future they would want to live  than clinging to vote the old leadership that has failed young people for a long time .

Speaking at the  ‘’Success Talk ‘’  event  , a gathering that saw hundreds of  students from various  Malawi  universities and colleges  and as first female student to spearhead  and champion front line politics  in pro UTM style  Chikalimba expressed worry on dangers that might follow when old people are voted into power.

She further  emphasized on the need and reason  to entrust  Dr Saulos Chilima with the youth vote as she aided the gathering with a history leak up of Malawi politics , branding it as total endorsement for youthful leadership.

“When Henry Masauko Chipembere  was elected to the legislative  council of Nyasaland  in 1956 he was  26 years old and he was only 34  during the cabinet crisis  in the administration of Kamuzu Banda . It was Chipembere together with Kanyama Chiume  who strongly  denounced  the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in their  20’s. Aleke Banda was only 19 whe he firstly appeared in active politics.

“Today we are privileged to have Dr Saulos Chilima  as our role model as well as the  youthful  leader, we have always been waiting for. Chilima is not just a leader but a president to be, with vision and future of every Malawian as a priority

“Let us do away with this, let us shape the country to where it is supposed to be.  It has been too long and the time is now for us to work and decide for Malawi’s next generations. We have the chance to change Malawi and this is Now, there is no greater future than now .  Today is the tomorrow we were promised with yesterday ‘’ bravely hinted Chikalimba.

Chikalimba also  linked her 20 minute speech  to  world politics in the name of  William Wiberforce who joined  British house of commons at the age of 25 and three years later  together with Granville Sharpe  set motion events  that led  to the abolition of slave trade

The guest of honor in the much awaited and extraordinary   event was wife to the vice president , the would be first lady of Malawi if UTM ascends to power madame Mary Chilima  and other stakeholders as well as UTM professionals.

Madame Chilima appreciated the students support and hailed the gathering for the right choice they made, labeling her husband as the right choice.

Malawians are set to vote in the sixth general elections on 21st May and  today’s political environment is said to be  more of youths participation as at least 54% of the registered voters are  the youth according to Malawi Electoral Commission.