First Lady Getrude Mutharika

By Watson Maingo

SALIMA–First Lady Getrude Mutharika has called for an end to child marriages.

 She said it is proper  for every Malawian to fight against child marriages as the country
commemorates United Nation Security Council Resolution number 1325 on women, peace and
Mutharika said this in Salima on Tuesday during the UNSCR 1325
commemoration, which was under the theme ‘Peace and Security for the dignity of Women.’
“As we commemorate this day. we as Malawians should consider  ourselves as a lucky and
blessed people as we have not known any war but our friends in war areas know the pains of war
which mostly affect women and children.
“But despite that, not everybody is at peace in this country; we have children that are married out
at a young age they are disturbed and affected heavily by their condition and they don’t enjoy a
peace of mind, It is therefore, important that parents, guardians and all responsible Malawians
work hard to stop practices that leave others with no peace of mind like child marriages,” said
Mutharika called on the global community to avoid conflicts so that the world enjoys peace and development.
“As we celebrate this day we should now work towards implementing UNSCR 1325 on women,
peace and security at all levels to ensure peace and security,” she said.
Chairperson of the Nation Peace Committee, Apostle Dr Madalitso Mbewe, said that Malawi can achieve more peace and security that can enable women to fully participate in
all aspects of life if government removes some elements blocking women to prosper.
“To achieve this Government must remove all hostile elements, which destruct the woman from
being effective. A woman who is peaceful and secure can flourish and prosper in many ways,” he said.
He also applauded government for trying to empower women in some areas like  the 50:50
Campaign initiative being implemented in the country.
“However as can be seen we still have a long way to go. On this occasion we humbly request
Government to formulate and adopt policies as well enact an enabling legislation supportive of
nominating equal number of women from each region to be appointed to our Parliament,” said Mbewe.
He also acknowledged and applauded government for the existing favourable legal and policy
framework which support women as Gender Equality Act, Wills and Inheritance Act, Marriage Divorce and Family Relations Act, and Gender Equality Policy.
Resident Coordinator for United Nations, Maria Jose Torres said that peace and
security give opportunity for women to participate in all aspects of life.