Chilima praying during the Way of the Cross in Lilongwe


LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-On Good Friday, Malawians join the rest of World in participating the Way of Cross as part of Easter celebration.

The UTM leader who is also the country’s Vice-President, Saulos Chilima,and  former leader of opposition and Malaiwi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera had to halt their political campaign to join fellow Christians in participating in Way of the Cross

This marks the suffering that Jesus Christ went on the day of his crucifixion and accompanying prayers.

Christian taking part in the way of the cross in remembrance of the journey Christ endured as he was going to be crucified.

Chakwera carrying the symbolic cross

Good Friday Way of the Cross reenactment: Chilima and Christians kneel to pray and reading the prayer at the 14th station

Good Friday is the day Christians say Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and died for the sins of the world. Christians believe Jesus was the son of God.

Chilima,  a devout Catholic, participated in the activities at his St. Patricks Catholic Church in Area 18, Lilongwe while Chakwera, a former Assemblies of God church cleric, participated from Mtima Oyera Catholic Parish in Lilongwe in their Way of the Cross.

The UTM presidential hopedul, described by speakers at the event as a “selfless and humble” politician who usually find time for God, participated in a procession which was jointly organized by St Patricks Catholic Church, St Thomas Anglican Church and St Ignatius Catholic Church in Lilongwe.

Chilima and his wife Mary laying the wreaths at the Cross

The procession started at St Thomas Anglican Church in Area 18 connecting through the M1 Road to St Ignatius Catholic Church in Area 30.

Chilima did not carry the cross as he has been doing all along but  instead led in reading the station prayers at the 14th point. It is believed that there were 14 station points where Christ fell down while burdened by the cross he carried.

But Chakwera had time to symbolically experience what Jesus Christ felt as he (Chakwera) took a turn to carry the symbolic cross.

After the Way of the Cross, Chakwera urged Malawians to embrace the culture of care and love.

He also urged leaders to sacrifice their lives for the good of their people.

Chakwera called for love, unity and tolerance among all Malawians.

In a Good Friday statement, President Peter Mutharika has appealed to Malawians to draw lessons from Jesus’ selflessness and dedicate themselves to the national goal to improve the quality of all Malawians.

“As Jesus showed, it is possible for us to defeat evil among us and take Malawi to prosperity,” he says.

Mutharika also urged religious leaders to use the occasion to preach peace, love and unity among Malawians.

The Good Friday crucifixion observance is part of a week-long celebration of the final week Jesus spent on earth, beginning with Palm Sunday followed by Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper of Christ.

Three days after the observance of Christ’s death on the cross on Good Friday, Christians celebrate his resurrection Easter Sunday, the day Christians believe promises resurrection for those who die.

Malawians are therefore on Holiday till Tuesday next week for Easter celebration.