The Malawi Police in the central district of Kasungu have arrested Wilson Billy, 27 for allegedly raping a 28 year old woman who plies her trade as a prostitute around Kasungu boma.
According to the district’s police publicist Harry Namwaza, the incident  happened on September 4, 2018.
It is alleged that, the suspect hooked the victim for a short time sexual services which the victim voluntarily agreed at a price of MK1,000.
Surprisingly, the suspect denied to accompany the victim to her room but instead insisted that the victim should follow him to a nearby bush where he  would quench his libidinous feelings.
Upon reaching the proposed bush, the suspect demanded for unprotected sex which the victim protested.
Seeing the persistence in the victim protesting  against his wish, it is alleged that, the suspect worn a threatening character and  strongly told the victim that he would stab her with a knife if she continued resisting against his demand.
The suspect further confiscated the victim’s phone as one way of forcing her to accept his demand.
According to one of the victim’s statements, she tried to free herself from the suspect but she was overpowered and in the course of tussling with him, the suspect managed to find his way through and raped her.
The victim lodged a complaint at Kasungu Police Station and the suspect was arrested on September 7, 2018.
The victim was issued with a medical report to go to the hospital for medical examinations whose results will be tendered in evidence when the suspect appears before the court of law to answer the charge of Rape.
Wilson Billy comes from Nthumbo village, Traditional Authority  (T.A) Chilowamatambe in Kasungu district.