Kayipa with “I am free app” on HIV/AIDS

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The youthful Malawian National College of Information Technology (Nacit) alumnus  Gift Kayipa has developed a web based application aimed at providing direct messages on HIV/AIDS pandemic prevention.

The web package dubbed as “I am free App”, aims at giving youths and adults an open forum to talk deeply on sexual reproduction health including safe abortion and HIV/AIDS prevention messages and against discrimination.

The application has been developed on three grounds such as low access to information, poor health service delivery and current trend of social media interaction.

The innovation has been developed in a social media works including Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, MySpace as there is less information about sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention yet a lot of the youths and people at large spend much of their time on these social networks.

In an exclusive interview with The Maravi Post over the weekend, Kayipa, a Microsoft certified administrator and information security manager observed that most youths spend much time these days on internet viewing different sites whose content lack sexual reproductive health that affect their lives daily.

The 25-year old Microsoft certified professional and wireless network administrator hinted that it was high time youth in the country across the board should make use money on social media wisely unlike engaging into sexual immoralities including pornographic surfing.

“For example the pornographic websites-if a young man or lady is addicted to these sites he or she would want to try what was done in the package downloaded from these sites hence leading to the transmission of STI’s and HIV/AIDS.

“So having this web-based app will help reducing the number of these youths spending much of their time in sites that are not beneficial to their everyday life in the sense that instead of being on a porno graphic site they will be on a site that has information to their everyday well-being”, said Kayipa.

The youthful advance diploma in system administration who is also founder of Information and Communication Technology for Aids and Development (ICTAIDD) in Malawi added that youth are dying because of lack of youth friendly services in our hospitals saying most medical personnel who happened to be adult tend to shout at them when diagnosed with sexual transmission infections instead of helping them.

“This makes the youth not to come back for treatment, scared of the fact that if he/she goes back to the hospital he will be shouted at and called all sorts of things. So this application will give a platform to the youth to get the much needed information on these issues in an environment he is free to express him or herself.

“For the interaction,  its good to interact with new people but sexually it is very dangerous to jump into new peoples beds before knowing how they are in terms of their HIV status, having this app working will help the youth on getting the much needed information from friends, experts and others on sexual reproductive health and HIV//AIDS prevention. On this app there will be groups, live chats, forums and selected topics to be discussed in an interactive way hence giving the space for everyone to participate in the prevention of STIs and HIV/AIDS in general”, added the former Techno brain new horizon computer learning center student.

Kayipa therefore disclosed that medical, social and psychological experts have been engaged to provide contents materials for the application’s operation which is expected to be launched in July 2017.

Currently, the innovator, Kayipa is setting learning centre coupled with working staff at Area 25C in the capital Lilongwe where other initiatives for youth ICT development will be in operational.

“I’ m ready to work with anybody who has an innovation for the development of youths in the country. We need to empower young people with correct information for them to make informed decision in their lives.

“Therefore, I am appealing to well-wishers, donor agencies, and ICT experts with any financial and technical support for this project which will change youths’ sexual behaviors particularly on HIV/AIDS pandemic which is still claiming many lives”, urges Kayipa.

ICTAIDD is a group of Nacit and Techno-Brain college students, drop outs and Alumni working in Central Malawi whose mandate is reformulated to focus on fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS and creating sustainable social economic empowerment for individuals and the country at large using available ICT resources.

ICTAIDD’s innovations and intervention are targeting the youth in the urban areas as almost three quarters of the organization dealing with young people are working in rural areas of which leaves the youth’s in the urban areas vulnerable and at risk since they do not get the much needed information on HIV/AIDS.